Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Day I Went To Queensway Again

A stunning revalation: Gloria has an admirer! My beloved vice-class chairman Naish has confessed to having a crush on her today. Or more like he was forced to cos I overheard him say something about that and sabohed him. I feel good... *cue evil laughter*

Classes went pretty well today. Yani wasn't in school today again so we didn't have GP tutorial. But Geog and Lit was relatively ok. Learnt some really annoying games today. You know, the types you play with people and they get annoyed because they don't understand the game? Yup. That kinda games. Joel and Jit taught me the games and gave me a really bad headache. And I found out that Nabillah (Jit's current girlfriend) is an ex-lesbian. And she watches porn. What's worse is, she actually told us this and didn't seem like she gave a damn. Wierd. Extremely wierd.

After school, Gloria and I were supposed to meet her aj linguist friend Ed but we changed the meeting to tomorrow cos I had to be home early today. So, we ended up going to Queensway. We mat the gang (minus Alex) and the Brotherhood of namely: Mark, Jeremy, Joshua, LeRoy and Don. Had lunch at Macs and we joked around a little. After lunch (and a little bit of walking around), Andrew, Don and I left.

We talked for quite a bit on the bus home and I really got to know Don much better. He's not only a good looker, but he's a really nice guy as well. Got off at Kovan together with him and Andrew then took 136 home.

Quite tired today. Watched some Buffy just now during dinner. I can't believe I didn't catch season one last time. But then again, I was only 8 then, so I'd most probably have been freaked out by the vampires and demons anyway. Probably pump some weights later.

Quote of the Day: Don't be serious all the time. It will make you feel miserable. Lighten up once in awhile.

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