Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Day I Did My Photoshoot

Nothing much to say.
School sucked. Badly.
I'm sorry if I scared anyone with my state today. I'm going through a rough patch.

Here's a pic of me after the photoshoot for my com-card.
Make-up and hairstyling does wonders:

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Day I Cried Over Some Korean Drama Show

Time for appeasement.
First of all, let me make myself clear. All the photos on my blog are for viewing pleasure. I apologise if I have offended anyone by putting them up.

Now, for the boring details of my past 2 days in school:

School was pretty boring today, other than the fact that I got to see my ever so lovely Lit teacher. The Madame Ogre had us go through Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. I like Shakespeare, mind you, but I cannot tolerate her lessons on my beloved Bard's play. She just bores me to death, or near-death.

I guess I just gotta bear with it.

Afternoon PE took a toll on my weak thighs (I forgot about warm-ups) and I'm suffering the repercussions of numbing soreness of my thighs. Shaun made an incredibly blond comment on his hair. He was like, "I realised I've never combed my hair before in my life."
Seeing how he has none to begin with...
(-_-") *cue rolling eyes*

It was a nice rainy morning, perfect for sleeping in. But the responsible school-boy in me made sure I woke up at the usual time and got to school on time for morning assembly even though my first lesson was at 9.40am. Damned conscience!!!

Had a nice chat with Sean, Kitson, Yuxi and Anita this morning in the canteen. Lessons were ok, and I got to watch Jessica Alba in HONEY! Man, Alba is HOT!!! Lovely show, like an extended MTV with thin shreds of not-very-inspirational plot. But it was an enjoyable watch, no less.

After a period of observation, I noticed that I've been pretty schitzo of late. Chippy on one day, moody on another. And while watching the stupid Korean drama finale just now, I cried. While I was eating. I'm having terrible mood swings and it's scaring me. Really scaring me.

I guess my heart's been too broken.

I'm such a cow...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Day I Got My New Harry Potter Book

Church was fine today.

As usual, I was at the K2 class today. I've begun to suspect that one of my kids is autistic. He laughs at the most inappropriate times (to himself, no less) and doesn't talk. At all. And sometimes, he'd just come up to the white-board when I'm writing and wipes off my words even before I finish writing a sentence. And I've got another boy who has been showing disruptive behavior. Thankfully, I can handle problem kids (by kids I mean 6-year-olds, mind you. Any older and I think I'd die.)

I also happened to make a new friend today. He's Tim's Confirmation classmate and he's from Indo! Like my Dad! (For those who still dunno the reason for my wierd surname "Jap", now you do.) We played pool at Kim Seng Plaza after class today. Man, I've so lost touch with the game. Bloody 'ell...

After that, me and Timmy got back to church for the Christmas peagant rehearsals. I felt so awkward (being a 17-year-old) among the kids but they were really cute. I'm doing narrating for the "Birth Of Jesus, Our Emmanuel" play that'll happen before Christmas mass, my partner being a 11-year-old girl (sister of one of my K2's), the one who called me Uncle.
I'm excited already. *sighs*

I'm supposed to be young but I feel old.
The greatest and perhaps, saddest irony of my life.

Oh yeah, I got my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today. Costed me only $28. Don't ask how. I'm not telling... :P

Quote of the Day:

Paige Matthews: "Maybe some day I can have a date that doesn't end with, 'Sorry Nate, you can't stay cos I have to clean some dead demons off the ceiling.' "

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Day I Visit The New National Library

Today was an ok day.
Had my first out-of-school GP lecture at The School Of Thought (TSOT in short). In my opinion, it was a really good lecture. The notes were very comprehensive and I gained new knowledge (in a way).
Today was also the day when RW asked me out after eons of our previous meeting. Seems like he had nobody else to ask out (due to the NDP 2005 rehearsal today, or so I assume) so he called me. And so happened I was free after TSOT, so I decided to meet up with him.
Met him at Raffles City and we walked around a little after lunch

Image hosted by
Me & RW (at The LIFE Shop)
Me shooting. Him fixing his hair. As usual...

After walking around and some moments of bitching, I suggested we visit the new National Library at North Bridge Road (somewhere near Raffles City). And so we went...

Image hosted by
The New National Library
Nice view from bottom up...

And that goon wanted to search for "Phil Kell", or somebody with a name close to that, on the new library's searching system (he's some accomplished painter, or something), so we keyed in the keywords, waited for 10 minutes and the machine was still searching at the speed of a crawling grandma. In the end, due to our waning patience with the increasingly annoying idiot-box, we walked away.

Then we walked around and viewed some exhibits. The library was incredible...

Image hosted by
NO Creativity Allowed (BY LAW)
A nice poster I saw at one of the exhibits.

Well after we left the library, we went to Bugis Junction where be basically just walked around and bumped our way through waves and waves of people. It was bloody irritating, partly due to the immense lack-of-air and the huge crowd.

I hate crowds.

I left after awhile to meet my mum for dinner and left him alone to wait for his friend. The rest of my night is unimportant, dry information that is not worth devulging on this blog. Thankyew.

Quote of the Day:

Marvel Girl: We're in the White Hot Room, the core of the Phoenix.
Psylocke: Does everything we do have to revolve around that bloody bird?!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Day I Snapped Photos In School

Didn't find much fun in school today, so I decided to snap some photos for the fun of it.
Here they are:

After Lit Lecture...

Image hosted by
Brenda and Me
"Big smile! Cheese!"

Image hosted by
Me and Anita
"Hiyo, I don't want to take photos la!!!"

Image hosted by
Me and Meifeng
"Justin! Are you really taking this?"

Image hosted by
"Lesson's over already? *yawns*"

In the canteen...

Image hosted by
"WHAT? You actually took that?!"
Me: *sniggers*

Image hosted by
"Yes, yes, we all know you've got a biiig appetite..."

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
...and drinking.

Image hosted by
"Aiyah, don't take people's pictures when they're eating la..."

Image hosted by
Oh no he looks like he's gonna HURL!!!

Image hosted by
Oh. So that's what he's eating... Chaaay... (-_-U)

Image hosted by
Marilyn and Shiyun
"What's that in my soup?"

Image hosted by
Marilyn's soup

Image hosted by
"Did you see that? What was that?!"

Image hosted by
"Dunno. Looks...funny."

Image hosted by
Laughing with her mouth full.

Image hosted by
Shavon (behind the phone)
"Enough already la! Don't try taking my photo ah, or I'll throw my phone in your face!!!"

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Day It Rained Really Heavily

I got home at 12.30 today (but I've gotta go back to school later at 4 for a GP lecture *sigh*).
I must say, it's been quite awhile since I last blogged, so I've got lotsa things to add!

Last Weekend
Jerrick is back in Singapore!!! I met him (together with Aaron, Jianye, Zhen Xiong, Wei Da, Joel Kang, Daniel) at Coffee Bean (Ngee Ann City). After chatting for awhile, we went to Cathay Cineleisure for lunch and chat some more. It was really nice meeting my old friends again...
After going our seperate ways at Borders, Daniel and I took a stroll to Heerens where I saw some very cute "western-heroes" cosplayers walking around the place. After awhile, Dan had to leave so I called Emmanuel and went to look for him at Shaw Towers.

There, I was introdused to his mates, Roy and Sean. Cool people, I tell you. ;)
We hung around Orchard, walked till our legs ached and had lotsa fun!!! Especially at Toys 'R' Us Express (in Paragon). We played with the wierd Barney toys and got some wierd looks but who the hell actually cares, right? Haha...

Here's a pic of us having fun (with Emmanuel):

Image hosted by
Manbo with lovely flowers

Anyways, we had a really good time. I made new friends!!! Whee!!! *grins*

Taught the kids again. Today was on "We Are Special". Indeed, the kids are special. They've become increasingly rowdy and untamed over the course of the last month. I have half a mind to send out e-mails warning their parents on watching the sugar-intake of their beloved offspring just in case they get out of hand at home too. But they're just too cute. Huyperactive kids put me in a dilemma.... *sighs*

After church, I went for my Artiste Orientation at The Avalon. I made a new friend! His name is Desmond and he's from the sports school. He's damn shy though. The orientation programme was really dry and I was bored close to death. Luckily Marcus was there to make funny faces at me or I would have just died.
There was this Japanese woman in the workshop who's introduction was "I want to be a STAR!" She irritated the hell out of me with her wide-mouthed smile (imagine Christy Chung) and horribly American-accented English. I mean, wassup with the accent, y'mean?

School was boring.
Anne Victor, my "stunning" Literature teacher, bitched with her horrendously booming voice over the bloody speakers during lecture again. I mean, if you've got such a loud voice, why bother even using the damned mike? I was fantasizing about stuffing a cow into her great, wide trap and enjoying myself watching her choke to death when Shaun (pronounced Shah-Oon) poked me and snapped me back to reality. Damn you Shaun!!!
She was talking about Shakespeare's plays today, something about MacDuth killing MacBeth then eating McDonalds or something.

I so want to bitch-slap her... Urgh!!!

MARVEL has been getting on my nerves as well. The sodding House of M event has screwed with my favourite titles and characters. I would be dropping them if the post-HOM events do not satisfy my fan-boy needs. DC is calling out to meeee....

Some of the screwed up titles. And my favourite characters... *sobs*

Image hosted by
New X-Men: Academy X

Image hosted by
Uncanny X-Men

It's not been a good day for me...

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Day I Rhyme

A Little Boy's Life - Jap

Bad news
it came last night.
Went to bed,
I didn't cry.
Looked up and
stared the night.
Closed my eyes,
and saw my pride.

Don't lose your cool
Don't lose your mind
It's all part and parcel
Whenever you try
You fail
You stand up again
You hurt
You cry to ease your pain
It's all a part of life,
It's all part of a little boy's life.

Woke up,
was 8.21.
Told myself,
"I'll be alright."
Took a shower,
that lasted an hour.
All freshened up,
I faced the new day.

Saw the doctor,
I felt much fear.
But after listening,
fear walked away.
And I assured myself
"I'm alright"
"I'm alright"

Don't lose your cool
Don't lose your mind
It's all part and parcel
Whenever you try
You fail
You stand up again
You hurt
You cry to ease your pain
It's all a part of life,
It's all part of a little boy's life.

Friday, July 01, 2005

The Day After CHMA 2005


Well, it's been a good week for me. Firstly, because I managed to complete all my exam papers. Secondly, the long awaited CHMA 2005's over. Honestly, the show was comparatively paler than last years, with the exception of the last-minute inclusion of Singapore's local rock-band, Ronin. They really brought the noise (cue ear-drums ringing)!!! Check them out at

Here's a quick recap of the show:


Solo Vocals
6 Contestants

Host Mark Tan announces that 4 out of 6 solo vocalists were doing chinese songs. First up, we had Neo Ren Jie. He did an ok (but slightly pitchy) performance of Li Sheng Jie's "Shou Fang Kai". Next, it was Neo Gen Rong. He gave an un-R&B version of Taufik's "I Dream". To be honest, I expected better of him. But he didn't fare too badly. After him, it was Richard Liman. He sang the Cantonese version of the Snow.Wolf.Lake. theme-song (orignally done by Jackie Cheung). It didn't sound very Cantonese to me though, cos of his unclear articulation.

Following his perfomance, we saw Matthew Fam, who brought us a drag-queenish version of Wet Wet Wet's "Love Is All Around". I must say, it was the most entertaining vocal performance of the night. The 2nd last performance was by Tan Zhi Yi, we gave a rather weak performance of Lee Hom's "Ai Cuo". I felt that his David Tao song was much better compared to last night's. The final vocalist, Tan Shi Yong, could easily compete with the "Careless Whisperer" of Singapore Idol fame. He practically whispered the whole song! I can't remember the title but it was some Chinese song. So that wrapped up the night's vocalists' performances.

My rating: 2/5

Overall, the vocalists were rather unimpressive with the lack of power, practise and stage-presence. They could have done much better with the right song choices. It was the night's least outstanding performance group.

5 Contestants

Lin Si Hao took the stage first with his own composition on the piano, which sounded like a mix of Guang Liang's "Tong Hua" and some other mainstream pop tunes. Pretty interesting. Next, we heard from Steven Teo on the piano as well. Don't know the name of the piece he was playing but he played like it was a recording, which can only ba a good thing. The following 2 contestants both played on the electone. The first electonist (is it what they're called?), Andrew Ng did a spectacular job with his own conposition, which sounded very much like the tune you'll hear while playing Final Fantasy during the battle scenes. It sounded great, nonetheless.

During this, the air-conditioning broke down. Due to the increasing humidity and heat level, many of the audience uprooted from their seats and walked out of the hall. It was something that I find most distasteful about last night. It is incredibly rude to walk out of a performance, especially when the performer is trying his best to put up a good show. Anyways, the air-con did come back on and the performances proceeded as usual. The other electonist, Wong Fei Yang, did a marvelous job with his own masterpiece. It was incredible. The final performaer in the category was Dexter Tan of Ecnerret fame. He displayed his great skills on the drum-set and wowed pretty much all the audiences, including me.

My rating: 4/5

The instrumentalists gave enjoyable performances and would have definitely made the judges job really difficult. I enjoyed myself the most during this segment of last night's programme and in my opinion, it was the most outstanding performance category from last night.

4 Groups

First up, it was Isthmus. The band played an original composition titled" Empty Void". Their music was pretty good, but it was marred by weak vocals from their lead vocalist. Following them, we had Reef entertaining us with a song by Altar Bridge. It was an impressive display of loud drumming and border-line vocals. Following their performance, DeCon took the stage. I must say, they were the real rockers of the night. They were really good. Lastly, we had Ecnerret, the winners of last year's CHMA in the same category. They were good as well, but were overshadowed by the rousing performance of the band before them. So there we have it, the end of the night's competition.

My Rating: 3/5

This category fared relatively well, as the music played was good. However, the groups could improve more vocally. It wasn't the worst performance category, but it wasn't the best either.

Guest Items
The first guest item was done by Ronin. They brought the house down with 2 of their original compositions. I must say, even though I'm no hard rock or metal fan, I was impressed. They were very, very professional. The second guest item was done by the winners of last year's group vocal category, Bleached, consisting of 2 members, Justin Seng and Ang Wei Ye. They gave a great performance on a medley of raps from the famous white-rapper, Eminem. The audience went wild with the 2 of them taking stage. It was incredible. Afther them, I took stage as the former champion of last year's CHMA. It was good to be on that stage again.
The last item was done by the Catholic High (Primary) Modern Dance group. They were extremely adorable and talented. I had a great time watching them on stage.

Winners of each category are:

Solo Vocals: Tan Zhi Yi
Instrumentalists: Wong Fei Yang
Bands: DeCon

Overall Champion: Wong Fei Yang

It was a great night and I enjoyed myself immensely.