Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Day I Got My New Harry Potter Book

Church was fine today.

As usual, I was at the K2 class today. I've begun to suspect that one of my kids is autistic. He laughs at the most inappropriate times (to himself, no less) and doesn't talk. At all. And sometimes, he'd just come up to the white-board when I'm writing and wipes off my words even before I finish writing a sentence. And I've got another boy who has been showing disruptive behavior. Thankfully, I can handle problem kids (by kids I mean 6-year-olds, mind you. Any older and I think I'd die.)

I also happened to make a new friend today. He's Tim's Confirmation classmate and he's from Indo! Like my Dad! (For those who still dunno the reason for my wierd surname "Jap", now you do.) We played pool at Kim Seng Plaza after class today. Man, I've so lost touch with the game. Bloody 'ell...

After that, me and Timmy got back to church for the Christmas peagant rehearsals. I felt so awkward (being a 17-year-old) among the kids but they were really cute. I'm doing narrating for the "Birth Of Jesus, Our Emmanuel" play that'll happen before Christmas mass, my partner being a 11-year-old girl (sister of one of my K2's), the one who called me Uncle.
I'm excited already. *sighs*

I'm supposed to be young but I feel old.
The greatest and perhaps, saddest irony of my life.

Oh yeah, I got my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today. Costed me only $28. Don't ask how. I'm not telling... :P

Quote of the Day:

Paige Matthews: "Maybe some day I can have a date that doesn't end with, 'Sorry Nate, you can't stay cos I have to clean some dead demons off the ceiling.' "

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