Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Day It Rained Really Heavily

I got home at 12.30 today (but I've gotta go back to school later at 4 for a GP lecture *sigh*).
I must say, it's been quite awhile since I last blogged, so I've got lotsa things to add!

Last Weekend
Jerrick is back in Singapore!!! I met him (together with Aaron, Jianye, Zhen Xiong, Wei Da, Joel Kang, Daniel) at Coffee Bean (Ngee Ann City). After chatting for awhile, we went to Cathay Cineleisure for lunch and chat some more. It was really nice meeting my old friends again...
After going our seperate ways at Borders, Daniel and I took a stroll to Heerens where I saw some very cute "western-heroes" cosplayers walking around the place. After awhile, Dan had to leave so I called Emmanuel and went to look for him at Shaw Towers.

There, I was introdused to his mates, Roy and Sean. Cool people, I tell you. ;)
We hung around Orchard, walked till our legs ached and had lotsa fun!!! Especially at Toys 'R' Us Express (in Paragon). We played with the wierd Barney toys and got some wierd looks but who the hell actually cares, right? Haha...

Here's a pic of us having fun (with Emmanuel):

Image hosted by
Manbo with lovely flowers

Anyways, we had a really good time. I made new friends!!! Whee!!! *grins*

Taught the kids again. Today was on "We Are Special". Indeed, the kids are special. They've become increasingly rowdy and untamed over the course of the last month. I have half a mind to send out e-mails warning their parents on watching the sugar-intake of their beloved offspring just in case they get out of hand at home too. But they're just too cute. Huyperactive kids put me in a dilemma.... *sighs*

After church, I went for my Artiste Orientation at The Avalon. I made a new friend! His name is Desmond and he's from the sports school. He's damn shy though. The orientation programme was really dry and I was bored close to death. Luckily Marcus was there to make funny faces at me or I would have just died.
There was this Japanese woman in the workshop who's introduction was "I want to be a STAR!" She irritated the hell out of me with her wide-mouthed smile (imagine Christy Chung) and horribly American-accented English. I mean, wassup with the accent, y'mean?

School was boring.
Anne Victor, my "stunning" Literature teacher, bitched with her horrendously booming voice over the bloody speakers during lecture again. I mean, if you've got such a loud voice, why bother even using the damned mike? I was fantasizing about stuffing a cow into her great, wide trap and enjoying myself watching her choke to death when Shaun (pronounced Shah-Oon) poked me and snapped me back to reality. Damn you Shaun!!!
She was talking about Shakespeare's plays today, something about MacDuth killing MacBeth then eating McDonalds or something.

I so want to bitch-slap her... Urgh!!!

MARVEL has been getting on my nerves as well. The sodding House of M event has screwed with my favourite titles and characters. I would be dropping them if the post-HOM events do not satisfy my fan-boy needs. DC is calling out to meeee....

Some of the screwed up titles. And my favourite characters... *sobs*

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New X-Men: Academy X

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Uncanny X-Men

It's not been a good day for me...

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