Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Day I Cried Over Some Korean Drama Show

Time for appeasement.
First of all, let me make myself clear. All the photos on my blog are for viewing pleasure. I apologise if I have offended anyone by putting them up.

Now, for the boring details of my past 2 days in school:

School was pretty boring today, other than the fact that I got to see my ever so lovely Lit teacher. The Madame Ogre had us go through Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. I like Shakespeare, mind you, but I cannot tolerate her lessons on my beloved Bard's play. She just bores me to death, or near-death.

I guess I just gotta bear with it.

Afternoon PE took a toll on my weak thighs (I forgot about warm-ups) and I'm suffering the repercussions of numbing soreness of my thighs. Shaun made an incredibly blond comment on his hair. He was like, "I realised I've never combed my hair before in my life."
Seeing how he has none to begin with...
(-_-") *cue rolling eyes*

It was a nice rainy morning, perfect for sleeping in. But the responsible school-boy in me made sure I woke up at the usual time and got to school on time for morning assembly even though my first lesson was at 9.40am. Damned conscience!!!

Had a nice chat with Sean, Kitson, Yuxi and Anita this morning in the canteen. Lessons were ok, and I got to watch Jessica Alba in HONEY! Man, Alba is HOT!!! Lovely show, like an extended MTV with thin shreds of not-very-inspirational plot. But it was an enjoyable watch, no less.

After a period of observation, I noticed that I've been pretty schitzo of late. Chippy on one day, moody on another. And while watching the stupid Korean drama finale just now, I cried. While I was eating. I'm having terrible mood swings and it's scaring me. Really scaring me.

I guess my heart's been too broken.

I'm such a cow...

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