Monday, August 18, 2008

The Day I Caught "Kallang Roar"

Just got back from Balestier's Shaw Cinema for a free preview of a homegrown movie, Kallang Roar. Many thanks to Class 95 for the free tickets (and many thanks Yas, I LOVE "LOVE SONGS"!!!)

I must say, I'd gone in with little expectations of the movie but it turned out to be quite a heartwarming show that really encapsulated the lost Singapore spirit that was once in all rage during the late 70s where soccer was the hot topic. Kudos to Lim Kay Siu for his heartwrenching and convicting performance as the impartial and patriotic coach. His acting was impeccable, and so was his on (and off screen) wife, Neo Swee Lin. Although the rest of the cast was generally made up of unknowns, their debut acting effort should be applauded.

The screenplay was well paced with interlaced moments of solemnity and comedy. However, they producers could've put in more effort in picking the child actors, specifically the one who portrayed the young Fandi Ahmad. He was overacting a tad too much. Nonetheless, it gave us all a good laugh.

Give the movie a shot. You'll be surprised at how far our local film-makers have come.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Day I Return From Kanchanabury

I'm back.

The entire trip truly ended with a bang with our flight being delayed for close to 24 hours due to a cracked windcreen. A cracked windscreen. Go figure. Damned JetStar Asia. Anyway, will update bout the entire Thailand/Kanchanabury/Sai Yok Camp experience once I get all the photos ready.

Moving on... Heroes Trivia!!! As we all know, the new season will begin on Sep 22, so the hype is definitely building up again. And guess what I found on YouTube? A clip about Kaito Nakamura's (Hiro's dad) powers! Check it out:

Can't wait for Volume 3!!!!!!!!!