Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Day I Discovered Kidz Bop

Remember the days when we had nice, simple, I-love-you-you-love-me-BIG-HUG entertainment off the simple but useful invention called the television when we were little? With the advent of the internet, YouTube and the exponentially increased percentage of celebutard-wannabes (no thanks to the cultural epidemic known as reality television), an entirely "for children only" website that's pseudo-MTV has arrived!

Kidz Bop

Welcome to the age of Kidz Bop, where children also have the opportunity to dress up, video-whore and become instant online superstars! Check out their video section. They've even got music videos of the latest Top 40 hits, featuring an all-children cast with their all-new re-recordings of popular songs such as "Pocketful of Sunshine", "Breakaway", "Take You There" etc etc.

Ok, my sarcasm ends here.

In my opinion, this brings scary to a whole new level. Somehow I can only imagine paedophiles enjoying this "delectable" selection of child-prey. Parents in this day and age should be really careful about what kids are up to online. Portals like these may be fun, but also pose as a high risk platform for predators. I wouldn't ever allow my kids to be put at such risk.

My parents should be thankful that we didn't have broadband back in the day.

Balir Rolls Eyes
Blair does not approve.