Monday, February 28, 2005

The Day I Got My Results


Met Chenting and Weiqi for breakfast at Athira this morning. Had 2 plain pratas, then me and Chenting went to Eng Wah Ang Mo Kio for the new critically acclaimed Japanese Anime Howl's Moving Castle. It's a really good show with a strong story-line, a great voice-acting cast and almost flawless drawing (a mix of CGI and hand-drawn art). After that, we met up with JunKai, Jeff and ShaoXian to go to school. Reached there at about 12.45...

Didn't do much until about 2 o'clock when all of us went into the hall for the collection of results. Obviously, I wasn't feeling too chummy about it cos I had a bad feeling about my results. And after a long hooblah by Mr Lee, it was finally the moment we've all been waiting for.

Aaaand.... I got 15 points.

PS: Now playing Fantasia's Truth Is. It's a really sad song but I really like it...

Quote of the Day: Aim high, shoot low...

Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Day I Met Ty (With Marty)


Went to Daniel's birthday party today. Didn't do much there cos I had to leave around 5 plus to meet Mart. So in the end, I managed to only socialise with Dan's lil' sister and HX. By the way, just before I left, it started to pour. And when I say pour, I mean pour. I still managed to get myself drenched even though I touted an umbrella on my way out. What the hell... After a looong walk toward the Marsiling MRT station, I managed to find proper shelter and got on the train towards Tanah Merah station. A bloody 50 minute ride...

So after I got there, met Mart and we went to East Coast for dinner, but changed our minds cos there were too many choices. So we went to Parkway Parade instead. Had Sliced-Fish soup while he got Char Kway Teow and we shared some dim sum. Mmmm... Nice. So after that, we walked around in the mall for a bit, and he played Tekken at the arcade. Survived until Stage 8.

Anyways, we parted ways (after some ice-cream. Yes, we ate ALOT.) and I met up with HX near my place and we went home.


Ah... Woke up damn late today, at about 9 plus. Went for 10.30 mass at SFX, then met HX back home and took a cab to Little India (to meet Mart. Again.) For once, he was late. Then we went for lunch (Naan with Chicken and Mutton curry. Yum yum!!!) there, followed by a visit to Sim Lim Square. I've never been there before so it was quite a visual treat for me, cos there were so many shops! Anyways, we went to Rendevous Hotel to meet Ty (my US friend) after that. Here's a pic:


We went to Chinatown for some Popiah and talked alot, and Ty got some Chinese music Karaoke VCDs for his mum (they don't have those back in the States). After that, we went walking around till we reached Clark Quay and we took a bus to Orchard cos he wanted to visit Pacific Plaza. Didn't do much at Pacific Plaza though cos there wasn't much to see. Then we went to the DFS again and sat on the big comfy couches.

Then we went off. Had Ramen for dinner with Mart at the food court, then I met HX at Orchard MRT to go home. Phew. Hope tomorrow's results will be good...

Quote of the Day: Time really flies, so enjoy life to the fullest everyday...

Friday, February 25, 2005

The Days I Didn't Blog

Ok, shall fill in the details of the past 3 days.

Two Days Ago

Ok, so today I went out to celebrate Elisa and Jerome's birthday and met Auntie Rose (from the Philippines). I ate 3 bloody cakes la! One at Elisa's celebration (chocolate fudge), one at Jerome's (cookie cheesecake) and one at Aunt Rose's meeting (she couldn't finish her cheesecake). Urgh... So gross. Now I'm swearing off cakes for this month at least.

Here's a pic of Jerome and his cake:


Still didn't go to school. Anyways, I went to the library and borrowed some books and comics. Nothing much happened, except that I met some old friends of mine and learned that the O' Level results would be coming out on Monday. Urgh... So, I picked up HX from the airport at midnight and chatted until about 3 plus am. Had a pretty good chat la I guess. Everything else is quite boring so shall not elaborate.


Ah. Went to school today finally. Saw pretty much everybody I went there to see (ya know, Andrew, Terence, Gabbie, Charissa, Gloria, Veron etc...) In addition to meeting the people I wanted to see, I made some really unexpected friends today as well. The Mr Beautiful Eyes gang (ok, ok, his real name is Kenrick) actually talked to me, thanks to the Veronica's introduction. And they appeared to really like me after I started singing. Wierd.

Anyways, I don't find them beng anymore cos I know them and in fact, they're not beng at all. Lucky me. So after school, Alex followed me home to meet HX and after a shower, we went to J8 for lunch. After lunch, me and HX went Somerset to meet Daniel and played LAN at Cine. Almost puked again cos of the stupid, jerky CS, but I felt quite proud of myself cos I managed to get quite alot of frag. Haha!!!

We walked to Dhoby Ghaut to get Dan's Bluetooth adapter at Carrefour at PS. Then we went to Starbucks for coffee before heading to Paradiz Centre for pool. Had a great time!

HX playing pool

Dan playing pool


Had dinner at Kopitiam and we talked alot again. Had a pretty good day. Ok, shall end my entry here. Gotta go to bed...

Quote of the Day: Be brave.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Day Mummy Celebrated Her Birthday

Today was mummy's birthday. I didn't go to school cos as i said before, I needed to relax before the release of the results or I might just suffer a nervous breakdown. Woke up pretty late today and I did some maths, then went online. Didn't do much until about 2 plus when I left home to buy mum's birthday present. So I took 105 to Orchard and got to Paragon, where I was supposed to meet Dad.

After meeting up with him, we went to this shop selling bags called Longchamp. All the bags there looked really really nice and the price-tags were really nice as well. Anyways, I got this brown foldable bag for Mum at $198. Not cheap ok... But since her birthday's only once a year, it's ok la. After that, we got to Hello Singtel and changed our internet connection speed but were told to do it online instead cos the queue was too long. So were probably gonna change it tomorrow or something.

At about 7, we met up with mum and went to Club Chinois at Orchard Parade Hotel for mum's birthday dinner. That place is so classy! It's like an infusion of both Western and Eastern designs, even for the food. Here are some pics of the food:

Appetiser: Foie Gras with an Asian touch

Mum's Main Course: Cod Fish

Dad's Main Course: Pepper Beef

My Main Course: Pork Ribs

And for our desserts...

Me and Dad's dessert

Mum's dessert

And there were some more dishes that I didn't take photos of. I have so gotta go and swim to get rid of the rich foods that I've consumed the past few days or else I'm gonna seriously balloon....

Quote of the Day: If we all could just admit that we are racist a little bit, maybe we could live in harmony.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Day I Attended All The Lessons

Well, I'm so proud of myself today. I attended all my lessons today! Yay!!! Now my Ego's inflated to indefinite proportions and I'm floating, not walking. Out the window I go now... Whee! Ok, I'm high. But today was a pretty good day for me la. No Monday blues at all. I woke up at 6.30, took a looong shower and left for school at 7.15. Surprisingly, I wasn't late. Lucky me.

Anyways, Nikita looked gorgeous with her new hair-do (curls down her face and all. So glam!), Yani wasn't PMS-ed the whole day, I learned some stuff (and had the sudden urge to have Tako Pachi for lunch) and I made up my mind not to go to school anymore this week. Need to meditate before my results come out. Calm my nerves. Yadda yadda yadda... Urgh.

Anyways, I met mum at Orchard after school to get Jerome's present. Went to Borders at first but they didn't sell the thing I was looking for so we headed for the Kinokuniya at Takashimaya. Found the book and burnt a hole in my pocket. $43.50. Not cheap at all but oh well, it's for my best friend and it's only once a year so I guess it's ok. Haha... Got home after that and took a short nap. Gonna watch Desperate Housewives later so shall end here.

Quote of the Day: I used to stand so tall. Well, that was until everybody hit puberty.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Day I Went To NYDC

Helped out the K2 Sunday School again today. Now all the kids call me Justin kor-kor. Although I find it rather annoying, it's pretty cute after awhile. Now they recognise me and call my name even after class. I can't imagine myself in their shoes a little more than 10 years ago... Oh well.

After class, I went off to Great World to source for Jerome's Birthday present. Still haven't gotten him anything though cos I can't make up my mind about what to get him. Hmmm... After that, I went to my Grandparent's place for lunch before heading down to Holland Village to meet Faye for dessert. Reached NYDC before she did so I looked through the menu. Not very bad la, quite worth it, judging by the amount of good reviews they get. So anyway, she dropped by after about a 15 minute wait and we ordered a Double Chocolate Fudge Cake (or is that what it's called). Too much for me so we shared one only.

So the dessert came, shocked my brains out cos it looked so sinfully rich, so I died and was buried immediately. Yeah riiight. Anyways, it was a great dessert (although it'll definitely go straight to my ass, quote The Hot Chick) and I so gotta start swimming again before my body starts going out of shape. She's gonna be leaving for China tomorrow for intensive Chinese brush-up lessons all the way till July so I wished her luck, got my birthday present from her and said goodbye. Oh ya, gotta add that I got her a Forever Friends bear from Precious Thots at Great World. So expensive la those kinda stuff. Urgh...

Went to the SMU Ficus Cafe for dinner with my parents, my grandma and my aunt. Quite good and all. Reached home just awhile ago. The results for the O's coming out next week but I'm trying not to think about it cos it's no use anyway. Just hoping I'll do well. Sigh...

Quote of the Day: It hurts to be hurt but sometimes you only learn after getting hurt.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Day I Took A Nap

Nursery rhymes/songs should be reviewed. All of them. Just got home from dinner at S11 Serangoon Central with Dad and went to the Serangoon Gardens NTUC to get some groceries. After we got our stuff, I came otu and I saw a kid on one of those 10-years-ago-I-would-tell-mummy-I-want-to-ride kinda kiddy rides. You know, the ones complete with the horrendous nursery rhyme singing in the background? So, it was playing This Old Man and I heard the verse "... he played nick nack on my bed". This led me to think, hey, nursery rhymes seriously need some reviewing.

This Old Man slightly hints paedophilia, Humpty Dumpty, Rock-A-Bye Baby and Jack & Jill contain morbid endings for the protagonists in their respective songs. A very disturbing discovery for me. So if I ever have kids, no nursery rhymes for them. Ok, maybe except Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Anyway, I went for school today and attended most of the lessons. Some clique politics going on again today but I shan't mention anything here. After school, me, Veron, Drew, Gabbie, Charissa, Terence, Wan Ying and Wenjie (our new friend) went to Borche Steakhouse for lunch again. This time we all took the $8 set meal we were running low on cash hehe... Got home after that and took a nap. Woke up at 8 plus and then went out for dinner with Dad.The rest is history...

PS: Please go to and vote for your favourite comic covers!!! I'm rooting for Jo Chen and Greg Land.

Quote of the Day: Love can be really ironic.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Days I Was Too Lazy To Post

Ok, so I haven't been posting for the past 3 days. My bad.


My date went pretty well. We had Jap food at a really cool Japanese restaurant in the building next to Orchard Point. We left that place after dinner and headed for Dhoby Ghaut on foot. Took a bus to Raffles and got scolded by the bus uncle as well cos I was playing with the bell by accident. Those stupid soundless "bells" on the Trans-Island buses. Urgh.

So, from there, we walked all the way to Raffles Place, folowed by Chinatown. Very long walk sia... But it was fun la. We talked alot. Got home at around 10.30 so I guess it was pretty ok...


Nothing much happened. Just went to school, listened to the teachers yapp a little, and listen to my friends whine a little bit more before I went home to sleep. Did some house-work (eg. washed the car, mopped the floor, wash the clothes) before I played with my weights. Slept pretty well too.


Woke up pretty late today and I actually went for all the classes in school. Watched a really touching show during Chinese class. I almost cried but surprisingly I didn't. Haha... Reached home at about 3 today and rushed off to Cat High for the rehearsal. I was pretty ok but I found it a serious waste of time. Bargained with Kelly bout putting me as judge for the Talent-Time part of the show but I still didn't get it so I guess I'd be leaving the whole event after my act and stuff.

Sleepy now so shall end here.

Quote of the Day: If I can't dazzle you with my brilliance, I'll baffle you with my bullshit.

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Day We Sold Valentine's Day Stuff

I stayed up till about 2am last night (or is it supposed to be this morning?) to wrap the stupid Valentine's Day sale sweets. Good grief... Woke up at about 6 today cos I had to get to school to finish some more preperation for the Valentine's Day. Ended up reaching school at 6.55am. Urgh.

So the whole thing started. I went around soliciting business for my sweets, drinks and cupcakes. But after awhile, I was just so tired that I'd needed a break. So I sat down and continued to solicit. I'm good.

So after some very long hours of selling the stuff (and choking myself on the incense smoke along the way), I decided to rid my leftover stock by doing a sale in the staff room. I mean, I already covered my costs and stuff, so the sale was for making extra profit out of the leftovers. Made about $18 in the staff room. Total revenue was $140++ and total profit was $46.50. Not bad la...

After school, me and Andrew followed Veron for her Valentine's Day date at Serangoon Garden's. Well, it wasn't much of a date la cos of the fact that Andrew and I were there (but she wasn't comfy with Edmund alone la, so we tagged along), but we had a pretty cheap and good lunch at Borsche Steakhouse.

After lunch, I got home, showered, surfed the web a little and went out for my YCS meeting. Ongaku Matsuri (meaning Music Festival in Japanese) happening in Cat High Auditoium this Saturday. Finally a change of location; For the past 3 years since it's conception in 2002, it has been held at St Nicks. Hopefully the competitors for the Talentime segment of the show would be better this year. And also hopefully, I can get to judge the Talentime. I think it's about time I stopped performimg and start judging cos I think people'd get sick of me la. I mean, I have been performing for the past 3 years. Gee...

Hope I'll have a good V-Day dinner tomorrow...

Quote of the Day: Love finds you in the most unexpected ways.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Day I Turned 17

I'm so, so, so happy! I'm finally 17! Whee... One more year to go before I'm legal for alchohol, cigarettes, clubbing and M18 movies. And then there's so much more...

Woke up pretty late today, at about 9.30. Had a piece of cake for breakfast cos we were gonna have my birthday lunch. Played X-Men for awhile before we left for some chinese restaurant. Waited awhile for everybody to turn up then we started with the food. Got my first Birthday present from my cousin Lenny. A nice box of Cookies & Snickers. I quite enjoyed myself at lunch cos I was the centre of attraction. Well, at least I think I was the best well dressed one there. Oh dear, I think I may be sapping off too much or Terence's inexhaustible ego for my own good. Whatever la...

After lunch, they came over to my place and Fujiet and Fusheng played Naruto 2 on my PS2 until about 7.30, while I scrubbed an ancient table for my party tomorrow. I finally got the hang of the whole game and I can proudly say I'm good at it hehe...

Tomorrow's the party. I'm hoping that everybody that I've invited will turn up. Hopefully.

Quote of the Day: It's better to give than to receive; You get a greater satisfaction.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Day I Celebrated CNY

Oops. Forgot to blog last night. Oh well, shall do it now.


Woke up bloody late, like at about 8.30am cos I didn't want to go to school. Nothing much going on anyway, other than the celebrations. My parents didn't have to go to work either cos their offices were off already for the lunar new year, so we had breakfast together. This was pretty unique cos it rarely happens on weekdays. Well, well... Left home at about 9.45am and went to Cat High to meet my teachers cos I haven't seen most of them (at least the ones that are still around) in eons.

I had a pretty good time back there cos many of my old school-mates were back as well. Caught up with some of them and I enjoyed myself. After spending a little more than an hour there, I left for J8 with Chenting cos he wanted company and I had nothing to do anyway. So we went to J8 to look for some stuff for his senior. After much walking around, he decided to buy her a Piglet wallet. We parted ways shortly and I went to Orchard to meet Marty.

We walked to Dhoby Gaught from Somerset had lunch at Plaza Singapura's Yoshinoya and I coincidentally bumped into Mr Beautiful Eyes and gang. Didn't say hi cos I wasn't really familiar with them. After lunch, we walked around PS, then took a train back to Orchard. He took me to DFS, where there were really nice and comfy cusions. I haven't been to DFS before, and when I first saw the inside, I was like "whoa!". It's really gargantuan and posh and I totally loved it.

We talked on the couches for awhile before we left for our respective reunion dinners. Reached my grandparents' place at about 6 and we had steamboat. After dinner, we went to do some last minute CNY shopping at the floral warehouse near Mediacorp.


Woke up at 7.30 for CNY mass. After mass, I tried to be friendly to every married adult since we were getting our ang pao's from these people anyway. I say tried because if you can imagine a grouchy-because-of-insufficient-sleep person having to be nice for the CNY "goodies", you'll get me. Basically, I went CNY greeting at both my paternal (both Grandpa and Grandma) and maternal (grandma only. Grandpa croaked before I was even born.) grand relatives and relatives.

Got quite a lot of ang pao's today. Hopefully tomorrow will be an equally "fruitful" day.
Oh yes, I'm turning 17 tomorrow!!! Wowee!!!

*sings in glee* Hapy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Happy Birthday to meee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Quote of the Day: I want to love you, but I can't love someone that I don't know.

Monday, February 07, 2005

The Day I Went Out With Marty

We didn't have to give the presentation at all. Mr Vice-Principal just gave us a talk this morning and made sure we wouldn't pon school in the future. Yadda yadda yadda... School was quite ok today, except that I thought it was pretty much a waste of time, since I only went for the Econs lecture.

The RJ crashers crashed again. Followed by a shock announcement of some totally-none-of-my-business relationship melodrama by Nicholas (some Marist guy who was Hui Yi's ex. Or are they together again? *Sigh*). I've had enough of the whole break-up/make-up bullshit. So I do not want to hear about any of this stuff anymore. Period.

After school today, I banked in my EAGLES cheque, got home, had lunch, cleaned the walls, checked my blog and left my house to meet Marty. He's really talkative (in a good way) and a really good person to have a decent conversation with. Oh, did I mention he was cute too? Well, so we went to the new S11 for dinner. Ramen. Mmmm... We talked and talked. Even after dinner, as we walked around Centrepoint and Specialist Centre to get his New Year boxers (we ended up buying a pair of Renoma ones). After we bought black sesame Mua Chee at Takashimaya's basement food court, he had to go off for his driving lesson so it was goodbye. But I had a great time with him.

On my way home on bus 73, there was a couple of bimbos seated in the seat behind mine. Bimbo as in B-I-M-B-O. In Caps. They were so freaking annoying la! Emphasis again on the annoying part. Which woman in her right state of mind would say things like " My polka-dotted pink and purple ring totally matches my pink and purple nails", or "Pink and Beige got diff meh? They all look the same what..." So horrendous! What a disgusting public display of their utter brainless-ness! Ok, I shouldn't have been eavesdropping on their conversation. But the thing is, they were the only people in the bus talking like they were the only people on the bus. Urgh...

Probably not going to school tomorrow cos it's just celebrations anyway. Sleepy now so gonna go to bed now. Nitez!

Quote of the Day: I think I'm in love. But I think so only la.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Day I Got Very Dusty

Went to church today and helped out in the K2 Sunday School class as a Cathechist trainee. It's pretty hard to imagine that I was like the kids once before a time. But they're all really adorable anyway. Can you imagine kids coming up to you and calling you "Justin kor kor"? Haha... Well, they did. So anyway after the class, I went to Great World and walked-walked for a bit and then got back to church with a severe migraine cos of the dreadful weather.

Then, my parents and I went to Andrew D's place to deliver some CNY gifts to my 3rd Grand-Aunt (Andrew's Grandma) and I got back my comics. After we left his plac, we went to my grandparent's place for lunch and to collect some CNY cookies and cakes that we were sending off to our friends and relatives. So we did the sending off the stuff, picked up Shelia and Xavier from their place.

Did lots of cleaning today as usual. Now my place is practically dust free! Haha... I love my house now. Dad sent them home after dinner and mum and I continued with more cleaning. Currently playing Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney. Love it heaps man...

Quote of the Day: Once bitten, twice shy. Seriously.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Day I Did Spring Cleaning

Didn't blog yester day so I'll fill in the details in this entry:


Went to school but we only had PE and Econs lecture cos they had the blood donation drive going on. PE was pretty killer but it was fun. Circuit training and games and health class all rolled into one. Don looked really hot man. Especially his hair. I also noticed that he's quite ai swee but I guess it's ok for a looker like him. That's probably why he's such a looker anyway.
Anyway, Veron was pretty much mesmerised with Mr Beautiful Eyes (he's not Don) when we saw him at the blood donation drive place. Well, I like his eyes too la. It's all smoky and sexy-looking. Very mysterious.

Ok, enough about guys. I met this really cute buncha girl crashers from RJ and found out that one of the girls is actually Hui Yi (a friend of several of our mutual friends). She's very sweet and pretty as well. So we exchanged numbers, went for lunch, proceeded to my place and got hot and heavy. Ok, most of it is true, except maybe the "getting hot and heavy part". Me and my day-dreams. Urgh.

Went back home and played X-Men Legends for awhile before I changed and went to J8 to meet JY for dinner (I treated him to Teppanyaki cos he said he wanted it for dinner. So now I'm broke...), followed by tuition at his place and some sleep.


Went home at about 9 and had breakfast with my mum at Whampoa before getting the groceries for next week's reunion dinner. Then we picked dad up from the dentist and got home to do the spring cleaning. Nothing much happening so I shall end here.

Quote of the Day: I'm tired of rumours starting, I'm sick of being followed, I'm tired of people lying, saying what they want about me.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Day I Did Something Illegal

I will never do anything illegal anymore. It's like I'm not fated to do such things at all. And Life slaps me in the face (or gives me some other form of corporeal punishment) to remind me of it. Here's the thing:

Gloria, Alex and I were kinda sick of waiting for school to end cos we're only allowed to leave school like after 1.30pm but we didn't want to. So we thought of sneaking out of school. As we were running out of the school gate, a dark green car stopped beside us. " I want you all to wait for me in the staff room. Now." The turban-ed OM. How lovely is that? We were caught at our first attempt to pontang school. Wow.

So there was a big blah blah in the vice-principals office and we were supposed to write letters of apology's addressed to the big head. So we did the whole hooblah and in the end, he talked to us a little more and let us off, not before informing us that we'd be pubilcly ridiculed on Monday's assembly. Me and Gloria volunteered to speak on behalf of the whole group of ponners. So nice right?

Went to Serene Centre after school for really good ice cream and I got some comics. Had my haircut at Roy's again (It's in far East Plaza). This time it was like $30 cos of the peak season due to the upcoming CNY. Oh well...

Tomorrow had better a better day. Or I might just as well die... Well, having tuition by JY again as usual, so it'll probably be a good day.

Quote of the Day: Sometimes, you just cannot unhear the things you've heard. So deal with it.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Day I Met Gloria's Adult Friends

School was pretty slack today, as usual. The Econs test was basically a killer, but I'm not really bothered cos everybody who did it found it a killer anyway. Well well...

Hormones ran high again after a prolonged period in hibernation. Most of us got pretty confused when Andrew suddenly became very quiet and started crying. Man, we were shocked to say the least. Well, then Veronica started crying and then we understood. Ok, so the whole scenario's like this:

Andrew likes Veron and Mark likes Veron as well. Some kinky love triangle. So here comes the big problem. Mark says he wants to give up Veron to Andrew. You know, this whole wierd and funky brotherhood thingy that they're having, like giving up something for the benefit of your brudda. You know. It's just wierd la. But here's the catch: Veronica's not attached to Mark, so technically, Mark should not be saying that he's giving her up for Andrew because they're not even together in the first place. Moreover, Veron didn't know what the hell was happening! Besides, she is still in love with her ex. Damn complicated la. So this add's a whole lotta spice into her already spicy life. That's probably why she couldn't take it. Too spicy la. If I were her, I wouldn't be able to take it either.

So anyway, they sorted out things among themselves, Gabbie cried (yup, she cried too. What's up with the crying thing?!), and everything went ok again. Well, maybe not as ok as it was before, but it was ok. Went to Bishan with the gang and I went back to Cat High to get my EAGLES Edusave award thingy. $150. Not bad la. At least now my hard work has been reaffirmed. Saw Mrs Neo, Mrs Bala, Mr Heng and Ms Thian today. Funny now that I don't hate Ms Thian anymore. I guess I got over it already. Hmmm.

Anyways, caught up with the guys at Long John Silvers for lunch. then Andrew went home to nap, followed awhile later by Gabbie and Veronica, so it was left with me, Gloria and Alex. We followed Alex to the Scouts HQ to buy some badges for himself, then we met up with Gloria's amazing adult friends, Gee and Ed.

They're both really, really interesting people. Ed's a gay linguist. He teaches Latin and Greek in UK and he's Chinese. Gee's a psychologist and teacher of psychology back un London. He's also Chinese. Wow. They're like completely intellectual beings which I have not had the opportunity to be around with for such a long time. Talked for sometime and left for home.

Watched another episode of Buffy today and cried while watching the Charmed season finale. It was so bittersweet. Well, going to sleep now... Nitez...

PS: The following quote is from Ed. Read between the lines.

Quote of the Day: With the right amount of heat and pressure at the right places, anything straight can be bent.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Day I Went To Queensway Again

A stunning revalation: Gloria has an admirer! My beloved vice-class chairman Naish has confessed to having a crush on her today. Or more like he was forced to cos I overheard him say something about that and sabohed him. I feel good... *cue evil laughter*

Classes went pretty well today. Yani wasn't in school today again so we didn't have GP tutorial. But Geog and Lit was relatively ok. Learnt some really annoying games today. You know, the types you play with people and they get annoyed because they don't understand the game? Yup. That kinda games. Joel and Jit taught me the games and gave me a really bad headache. And I found out that Nabillah (Jit's current girlfriend) is an ex-lesbian. And she watches porn. What's worse is, she actually told us this and didn't seem like she gave a damn. Wierd. Extremely wierd.

After school, Gloria and I were supposed to meet her aj linguist friend Ed but we changed the meeting to tomorrow cos I had to be home early today. So, we ended up going to Queensway. We mat the gang (minus Alex) and the Brotherhood of namely: Mark, Jeremy, Joshua, LeRoy and Don. Had lunch at Macs and we joked around a little. After lunch (and a little bit of walking around), Andrew, Don and I left.

We talked for quite a bit on the bus home and I really got to know Don much better. He's not only a good looker, but he's a really nice guy as well. Got off at Kovan together with him and Andrew then took 136 home.

Quite tired today. Watched some Buffy just now during dinner. I can't believe I didn't catch season one last time. But then again, I was only 8 then, so I'd most probably have been freaked out by the vampires and demons anyway. Probably pump some weights later.

Quote of the Day: Don't be serious all the time. It will make you feel miserable. Lighten up once in awhile.