Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Day I Celebrated CNY

Oops. Forgot to blog last night. Oh well, shall do it now.


Woke up bloody late, like at about 8.30am cos I didn't want to go to school. Nothing much going on anyway, other than the celebrations. My parents didn't have to go to work either cos their offices were off already for the lunar new year, so we had breakfast together. This was pretty unique cos it rarely happens on weekdays. Well, well... Left home at about 9.45am and went to Cat High to meet my teachers cos I haven't seen most of them (at least the ones that are still around) in eons.

I had a pretty good time back there cos many of my old school-mates were back as well. Caught up with some of them and I enjoyed myself. After spending a little more than an hour there, I left for J8 with Chenting cos he wanted company and I had nothing to do anyway. So we went to J8 to look for some stuff for his senior. After much walking around, he decided to buy her a Piglet wallet. We parted ways shortly and I went to Orchard to meet Marty.

We walked to Dhoby Gaught from Somerset had lunch at Plaza Singapura's Yoshinoya and I coincidentally bumped into Mr Beautiful Eyes and gang. Didn't say hi cos I wasn't really familiar with them. After lunch, we walked around PS, then took a train back to Orchard. He took me to DFS, where there were really nice and comfy cusions. I haven't been to DFS before, and when I first saw the inside, I was like "whoa!". It's really gargantuan and posh and I totally loved it.

We talked on the couches for awhile before we left for our respective reunion dinners. Reached my grandparents' place at about 6 and we had steamboat. After dinner, we went to do some last minute CNY shopping at the floral warehouse near Mediacorp.


Woke up at 7.30 for CNY mass. After mass, I tried to be friendly to every married adult since we were getting our ang pao's from these people anyway. I say tried because if you can imagine a grouchy-because-of-insufficient-sleep person having to be nice for the CNY "goodies", you'll get me. Basically, I went CNY greeting at both my paternal (both Grandpa and Grandma) and maternal (grandma only. Grandpa croaked before I was even born.) grand relatives and relatives.

Got quite a lot of ang pao's today. Hopefully tomorrow will be an equally "fruitful" day.
Oh yes, I'm turning 17 tomorrow!!! Wowee!!!

*sings in glee* Hapy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Happy Birthday to meee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Quote of the Day: I want to love you, but I can't love someone that I don't know.

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