Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Day I Went To NYDC

Helped out the K2 Sunday School again today. Now all the kids call me Justin kor-kor. Although I find it rather annoying, it's pretty cute after awhile. Now they recognise me and call my name even after class. I can't imagine myself in their shoes a little more than 10 years ago... Oh well.

After class, I went off to Great World to source for Jerome's Birthday present. Still haven't gotten him anything though cos I can't make up my mind about what to get him. Hmmm... After that, I went to my Grandparent's place for lunch before heading down to Holland Village to meet Faye for dessert. Reached NYDC before she did so I looked through the menu. Not very bad la, quite worth it, judging by the amount of good reviews they get. So anyway, she dropped by after about a 15 minute wait and we ordered a Double Chocolate Fudge Cake (or is that what it's called). Too much for me so we shared one only.

So the dessert came, shocked my brains out cos it looked so sinfully rich, so I died and was buried immediately. Yeah riiight. Anyways, it was a great dessert (although it'll definitely go straight to my ass, quote The Hot Chick) and I so gotta start swimming again before my body starts going out of shape. She's gonna be leaving for China tomorrow for intensive Chinese brush-up lessons all the way till July so I wished her luck, got my birthday present from her and said goodbye. Oh ya, gotta add that I got her a Forever Friends bear from Precious Thots at Great World. So expensive la those kinda stuff. Urgh...

Went to the SMU Ficus Cafe for dinner with my parents, my grandma and my aunt. Quite good and all. Reached home just awhile ago. The results for the O's coming out next week but I'm trying not to think about it cos it's no use anyway. Just hoping I'll do well. Sigh...

Quote of the Day: It hurts to be hurt but sometimes you only learn after getting hurt.

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