Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Day I Got Very Dusty

Went to church today and helped out in the K2 Sunday School class as a Cathechist trainee. It's pretty hard to imagine that I was like the kids once before a time. But they're all really adorable anyway. Can you imagine kids coming up to you and calling you "Justin kor kor"? Haha... Well, they did. So anyway after the class, I went to Great World and walked-walked for a bit and then got back to church with a severe migraine cos of the dreadful weather.

Then, my parents and I went to Andrew D's place to deliver some CNY gifts to my 3rd Grand-Aunt (Andrew's Grandma) and I got back my comics. After we left his plac, we went to my grandparent's place for lunch and to collect some CNY cookies and cakes that we were sending off to our friends and relatives. So we did the sending off the stuff, picked up Shelia and Xavier from their place.

Did lots of cleaning today as usual. Now my place is practically dust free! Haha... I love my house now. Dad sent them home after dinner and mum and I continued with more cleaning. Currently playing Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney. Love it heaps man...

Quote of the Day: Once bitten, twice shy. Seriously.

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