Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Days I Was Too Lazy To Post

Ok, so I haven't been posting for the past 3 days. My bad.


My date went pretty well. We had Jap food at a really cool Japanese restaurant in the building next to Orchard Point. We left that place after dinner and headed for Dhoby Ghaut on foot. Took a bus to Raffles and got scolded by the bus uncle as well cos I was playing with the bell by accident. Those stupid soundless "bells" on the Trans-Island buses. Urgh.

So, from there, we walked all the way to Raffles Place, folowed by Chinatown. Very long walk sia... But it was fun la. We talked alot. Got home at around 10.30 so I guess it was pretty ok...


Nothing much happened. Just went to school, listened to the teachers yapp a little, and listen to my friends whine a little bit more before I went home to sleep. Did some house-work (eg. washed the car, mopped the floor, wash the clothes) before I played with my weights. Slept pretty well too.


Woke up pretty late today and I actually went for all the classes in school. Watched a really touching show during Chinese class. I almost cried but surprisingly I didn't. Haha... Reached home at about 3 today and rushed off to Cat High for the rehearsal. I was pretty ok but I found it a serious waste of time. Bargained with Kelly bout putting me as judge for the Talent-Time part of the show but I still didn't get it so I guess I'd be leaving the whole event after my act and stuff.

Sleepy now so shall end here.

Quote of the Day: If I can't dazzle you with my brilliance, I'll baffle you with my bullshit.

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