Friday, February 18, 2005

The Day I Took A Nap

Nursery rhymes/songs should be reviewed. All of them. Just got home from dinner at S11 Serangoon Central with Dad and went to the Serangoon Gardens NTUC to get some groceries. After we got our stuff, I came otu and I saw a kid on one of those 10-years-ago-I-would-tell-mummy-I-want-to-ride kinda kiddy rides. You know, the ones complete with the horrendous nursery rhyme singing in the background? So, it was playing This Old Man and I heard the verse "... he played nick nack on my bed". This led me to think, hey, nursery rhymes seriously need some reviewing.

This Old Man slightly hints paedophilia, Humpty Dumpty, Rock-A-Bye Baby and Jack & Jill contain morbid endings for the protagonists in their respective songs. A very disturbing discovery for me. So if I ever have kids, no nursery rhymes for them. Ok, maybe except Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Anyway, I went for school today and attended most of the lessons. Some clique politics going on again today but I shan't mention anything here. After school, me, Veron, Drew, Gabbie, Charissa, Terence, Wan Ying and Wenjie (our new friend) went to Borche Steakhouse for lunch again. This time we all took the $8 set meal we were running low on cash hehe... Got home after that and took a nap. Woke up at 8 plus and then went out for dinner with Dad.The rest is history...

PS: Please go to and vote for your favourite comic covers!!! I'm rooting for Jo Chen and Greg Land.

Quote of the Day: Love can be really ironic.

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