Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Day I Did Something Illegal

I will never do anything illegal anymore. It's like I'm not fated to do such things at all. And Life slaps me in the face (or gives me some other form of corporeal punishment) to remind me of it. Here's the thing:

Gloria, Alex and I were kinda sick of waiting for school to end cos we're only allowed to leave school like after 1.30pm but we didn't want to. So we thought of sneaking out of school. As we were running out of the school gate, a dark green car stopped beside us. " I want you all to wait for me in the staff room. Now." The turban-ed OM. How lovely is that? We were caught at our first attempt to pontang school. Wow.

So there was a big blah blah in the vice-principals office and we were supposed to write letters of apology's addressed to the big head. So we did the whole hooblah and in the end, he talked to us a little more and let us off, not before informing us that we'd be pubilcly ridiculed on Monday's assembly. Me and Gloria volunteered to speak on behalf of the whole group of ponners. So nice right?

Went to Serene Centre after school for really good ice cream and I got some comics. Had my haircut at Roy's again (It's in far East Plaza). This time it was like $30 cos of the peak season due to the upcoming CNY. Oh well...

Tomorrow had better a better day. Or I might just as well die... Well, having tuition by JY again as usual, so it'll probably be a good day.

Quote of the Day: Sometimes, you just cannot unhear the things you've heard. So deal with it.

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