Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Day Mummy Celebrated Her Birthday

Today was mummy's birthday. I didn't go to school cos as i said before, I needed to relax before the release of the results or I might just suffer a nervous breakdown. Woke up pretty late today and I did some maths, then went online. Didn't do much until about 2 plus when I left home to buy mum's birthday present. So I took 105 to Orchard and got to Paragon, where I was supposed to meet Dad.

After meeting up with him, we went to this shop selling bags called Longchamp. All the bags there looked really really nice and the price-tags were really nice as well. Anyways, I got this brown foldable bag for Mum at $198. Not cheap ok... But since her birthday's only once a year, it's ok la. After that, we got to Hello Singtel and changed our internet connection speed but were told to do it online instead cos the queue was too long. So were probably gonna change it tomorrow or something.

At about 7, we met up with mum and went to Club Chinois at Orchard Parade Hotel for mum's birthday dinner. That place is so classy! It's like an infusion of both Western and Eastern designs, even for the food. Here are some pics of the food:

Appetiser: Foie Gras with an Asian touch

Mum's Main Course: Cod Fish

Dad's Main Course: Pepper Beef

My Main Course: Pork Ribs

And for our desserts...

Me and Dad's dessert

Mum's dessert

And there were some more dishes that I didn't take photos of. I have so gotta go and swim to get rid of the rich foods that I've consumed the past few days or else I'm gonna seriously balloon....

Quote of the Day: If we all could just admit that we are racist a little bit, maybe we could live in harmony.

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