Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Day I Met Gloria's Adult Friends

School was pretty slack today, as usual. The Econs test was basically a killer, but I'm not really bothered cos everybody who did it found it a killer anyway. Well well...

Hormones ran high again after a prolonged period in hibernation. Most of us got pretty confused when Andrew suddenly became very quiet and started crying. Man, we were shocked to say the least. Well, then Veronica started crying and then we understood. Ok, so the whole scenario's like this:

Andrew likes Veron and Mark likes Veron as well. Some kinky love triangle. So here comes the big problem. Mark says he wants to give up Veron to Andrew. You know, this whole wierd and funky brotherhood thingy that they're having, like giving up something for the benefit of your brudda. You know. It's just wierd la. But here's the catch: Veronica's not attached to Mark, so technically, Mark should not be saying that he's giving her up for Andrew because they're not even together in the first place. Moreover, Veron didn't know what the hell was happening! Besides, she is still in love with her ex. Damn complicated la. So this add's a whole lotta spice into her already spicy life. That's probably why she couldn't take it. Too spicy la. If I were her, I wouldn't be able to take it either.

So anyway, they sorted out things among themselves, Gabbie cried (yup, she cried too. What's up with the crying thing?!), and everything went ok again. Well, maybe not as ok as it was before, but it was ok. Went to Bishan with the gang and I went back to Cat High to get my EAGLES Edusave award thingy. $150. Not bad la. At least now my hard work has been reaffirmed. Saw Mrs Neo, Mrs Bala, Mr Heng and Ms Thian today. Funny now that I don't hate Ms Thian anymore. I guess I got over it already. Hmmm.

Anyways, caught up with the guys at Long John Silvers for lunch. then Andrew went home to nap, followed awhile later by Gabbie and Veronica, so it was left with me, Gloria and Alex. We followed Alex to the Scouts HQ to buy some badges for himself, then we met up with Gloria's amazing adult friends, Gee and Ed.

They're both really, really interesting people. Ed's a gay linguist. He teaches Latin and Greek in UK and he's Chinese. Gee's a psychologist and teacher of psychology back un London. He's also Chinese. Wow. They're like completely intellectual beings which I have not had the opportunity to be around with for such a long time. Talked for sometime and left for home.

Watched another episode of Buffy today and cried while watching the Charmed season finale. It was so bittersweet. Well, going to sleep now... Nitez...

PS: The following quote is from Ed. Read between the lines.

Quote of the Day: With the right amount of heat and pressure at the right places, anything straight can be bent.

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