Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Day I Did Spring Cleaning

Didn't blog yester day so I'll fill in the details in this entry:


Went to school but we only had PE and Econs lecture cos they had the blood donation drive going on. PE was pretty killer but it was fun. Circuit training and games and health class all rolled into one. Don looked really hot man. Especially his hair. I also noticed that he's quite ai swee but I guess it's ok for a looker like him. That's probably why he's such a looker anyway.
Anyway, Veron was pretty much mesmerised with Mr Beautiful Eyes (he's not Don) when we saw him at the blood donation drive place. Well, I like his eyes too la. It's all smoky and sexy-looking. Very mysterious.

Ok, enough about guys. I met this really cute buncha girl crashers from RJ and found out that one of the girls is actually Hui Yi (a friend of several of our mutual friends). She's very sweet and pretty as well. So we exchanged numbers, went for lunch, proceeded to my place and got hot and heavy. Ok, most of it is true, except maybe the "getting hot and heavy part". Me and my day-dreams. Urgh.

Went back home and played X-Men Legends for awhile before I changed and went to J8 to meet JY for dinner (I treated him to Teppanyaki cos he said he wanted it for dinner. So now I'm broke...), followed by tuition at his place and some sleep.


Went home at about 9 and had breakfast with my mum at Whampoa before getting the groceries for next week's reunion dinner. Then we picked dad up from the dentist and got home to do the spring cleaning. Nothing much happening so I shall end here.

Quote of the Day: I'm tired of rumours starting, I'm sick of being followed, I'm tired of people lying, saying what they want about me.

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