Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Day I Talk About This Saturday

Ok here's a quick update:

The NUS TalentQuest 2006 Semi-Finals will be held at Jurong Point on the 25th of February 2006 (this coming Saturday) from 1pm onwards. I will be performing for both my solo and duet categories, so please come down and give me your support if you can k? Thanks!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Day I Went For Music Fest & Jones' Party

Music Fest was ok. It was pretty hot and stuffy though cos all the aircon's in the St Nick's Drama Studio simultaneously broke down. Talk about bad timing. Later that night, I went to Jones' 18th birthday party with Joeyee. Wasn't very fun cos I knew hardly anyone there (with the exception of Uzuki-san). Saw many many ajs. Heh. Oh yes, I saw Tjan too. Haven't seen him in ages though. He hasn't changed much, which is definitely a good thing.

I'm quite pissed with Joeyee though... *sigh*

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Day We Won The One

Ok, so we won The One. One down, two more to go.

I'm really quite fatigued with all these singing competitions. *sigh*
So tiring...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Day Of February The 14th

Two hours before
We were fine
Two hours later
You came and
You tell me
"I gotta go
Go back to
My old flame
Cos I'm guilty
Of letting go
Of my past
Of letting go
Of our relationship"

My heart stopped
It almost did
I could have
Very well so

I was lost
I am lost
I was confused
I am confused
I couldn't breathe
I couldn't see
I couldn't sleep

It was like
Telling me that
What we had
Really meant nothing
Nothing at all

I hope you
Will be happy
With the decision
That you made

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Day I Turned 18

I had a horrible day.
Fucked up.
(Insert angsty term here)

First thing I read in the morning as an sms that went like this:
"Gd morning. Congrats on turning 18. U'r legal. FOR JAIL! Bwahahahaha..."
Very nice. Really very nice. That wasn't the worst part.

The sky fell down on me when I got my math results. E8.
Cried my eyes out for god-knows how long...
And I had a headache (compliments of the rain. Didn't bring an umbrella you see.)
Then there was that The One bullshit. Complete and utterly senseless bullshit. There was quite a big fuss made (by the council people. Doles I tell you. Those doles... *mutters* They have serious issues, I tell you...) about our music and whatnot. Irritated the shit out of me. Added so much more fuel to the fire of my bad results and a head-splitting ache at my temples. I was all-ready to flame-on. Luckily Marcus and Junyi were there. I'd have exploded if they didn't stop me. Oh, they got a me a TY bear. How sweet, eh?

Thank God for my classmates. Can't put into words how much they've done for me.
They're the sweetest bunch of people you could ever meet, I tell you. They were here for me when I was at my lowest point (today) and they were the ones who made my birthday memorable, sans the bad stuff that happened today. They made me a card, got me a bear and a cute sash. And a really unhealthy birthday cake.

While having my sort-of-birthday-dinner-yet-not-very-birthday-dinner (if you know what I'm saying), I saw Shaun and his family drift past the Peranakan restaurant I was in. Wanted to call out but didn't. Oh well....

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Day I Post For The First Time In February

It has all been ok I guess. Haven't been feeling well lately and I think it's due to the weather. School hasn't been all that great cos work just keeps piling on us and there's hardly any time for a breather. I miss J1...

Anyways, here are some quick updates. Me, Marcus and our new member Shannen (or some of you may know her as Junyi) have gotten into the finals of The One in our school. Hoorah. And since we're on the topic of competitions, I'll be performing this Saturday at Jurong Point for the Quarter Finals of the NUS TalentQuest competition in both the solo and group categories. Yes, I'm advertising. But this is my blog.

Oh yes, I'm turning 18 on Friday. It's not something I'm really looking forward to though. "Why?" you ask. Well, here are some reasons:
Club? Been there. Done that. Not my thing.
Drink? Started since I was 15. Not a big fan of it.
Smoke? Disgusting.
M-18 Movies? I just caught my first NC-16 movie a week ago. And I'm turing 18 in 2 days time. Go figure.

Ok, here's the real reason. I'm afraid of growing up. Turning 18 means that I'm hitting adulthood (at least that's the case for most countries), which means no more childishness and kiddy BS. Which means I have to grow up (in the head, that is). Not that I'm immature, but it's intimidating. It really is.

I have to get over it.