Friday, February 10, 2006

The Day I Turned 18

I had a horrible day.
Fucked up.
(Insert angsty term here)

First thing I read in the morning as an sms that went like this:
"Gd morning. Congrats on turning 18. U'r legal. FOR JAIL! Bwahahahaha..."
Very nice. Really very nice. That wasn't the worst part.

The sky fell down on me when I got my math results. E8.
Cried my eyes out for god-knows how long...
And I had a headache (compliments of the rain. Didn't bring an umbrella you see.)
Then there was that The One bullshit. Complete and utterly senseless bullshit. There was quite a big fuss made (by the council people. Doles I tell you. Those doles... *mutters* They have serious issues, I tell you...) about our music and whatnot. Irritated the shit out of me. Added so much more fuel to the fire of my bad results and a head-splitting ache at my temples. I was all-ready to flame-on. Luckily Marcus and Junyi were there. I'd have exploded if they didn't stop me. Oh, they got a me a TY bear. How sweet, eh?

Thank God for my classmates. Can't put into words how much they've done for me.
They're the sweetest bunch of people you could ever meet, I tell you. They were here for me when I was at my lowest point (today) and they were the ones who made my birthday memorable, sans the bad stuff that happened today. They made me a card, got me a bear and a cute sash. And a really unhealthy birthday cake.

While having my sort-of-birthday-dinner-yet-not-very-birthday-dinner (if you know what I'm saying), I saw Shaun and his family drift past the Peranakan restaurant I was in. Wanted to call out but didn't. Oh well....

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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