Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Day I Post For The First Time In February

It has all been ok I guess. Haven't been feeling well lately and I think it's due to the weather. School hasn't been all that great cos work just keeps piling on us and there's hardly any time for a breather. I miss J1...

Anyways, here are some quick updates. Me, Marcus and our new member Shannen (or some of you may know her as Junyi) have gotten into the finals of The One in our school. Hoorah. And since we're on the topic of competitions, I'll be performing this Saturday at Jurong Point for the Quarter Finals of the NUS TalentQuest competition in both the solo and group categories. Yes, I'm advertising. But this is my blog.

Oh yes, I'm turning 18 on Friday. It's not something I'm really looking forward to though. "Why?" you ask. Well, here are some reasons:
Club? Been there. Done that. Not my thing.
Drink? Started since I was 15. Not a big fan of it.
Smoke? Disgusting.
M-18 Movies? I just caught my first NC-16 movie a week ago. And I'm turing 18 in 2 days time. Go figure.

Ok, here's the real reason. I'm afraid of growing up. Turning 18 means that I'm hitting adulthood (at least that's the case for most countries), which means no more childishness and kiddy BS. Which means I have to grow up (in the head, that is). Not that I'm immature, but it's intimidating. It really is.

I have to get over it.

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