Monday, September 19, 2005

The Day I Talk About Performing (Again)

Last night was like, HOT!
Had so much fun. And got paid (though it wasn't much, it was a good start.)
Now I know what they mean by hard earned money. It's not easy...

Many thanks to my lovely dancers, to 'Mummy' and the gang! You guys rock my world!!!

Now gotta concentrate on my promos and my personal life.
Ciao for now....

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Day I Talk About Performing

Whoo... Long time since I last posted.

Had 3 performances within these 2 weeks. One was last week at Ang Mo Kio, another 2 this weekend outside Plaza Singapura.

Gig on Sept 10th (Saturday)
The one last week was ok, but it wasn't that cool cos there was some weird local chinese singer called Genie (God, I've never even heard about her...) who thinks she's some famous superstar. Oh well, to each her own. Shan't criticize now...

Gig on Sept 17th (Saturday)
The gig yesterday went well. I made quite alot of friends that are usually out of my league (hip-hop dancers, mostly malay, to be exact) It was a long wait. Was there at 3 and waited till bout 4:30 before rehearsals officially started for me. It was the first performance for me that I actually had backup dancers... Waaay cool! The dancers (both guys and the girls) were really nice, so were the rappers and the poetry slam guy with the turban.

Jiapei was there pretty early with 2 of her friends. After my rehearsal, Meifeng and Tammi accompanied me to get some decent looking hip-hop clothes. But seriously, you can't take a nerd out of a nerd. But I looked cool anyways. Hehe... *grins* So anyways, I had my first "remixed" performance with the dancers during the opening at 6, and my 2 songs at 9 plus.

Thanks to everyone who came down for the show, esp to Jiapei and gang, Mervy (for the bread. You saved my life), Tammi and Meifeng (for shopping with me. I know I seriously lack dress sense.) Raina, Tina and Xuehui who stayed on for my last performance, and FeeFee and Joel... And many thanks to Saleh, Robin, Young, Sulaiman, Ice (Missy MISSY!) and the lot of dancers for your cheers and support! You guys rock too!

PS: I have one more performance tonight at 9 as well.

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Day I Share A Nice E-Mail

I dunno if any of you have seen this, but I'd like to share this anyway.
Those with nice parents, be really grateful.

Calvin's a 5-year-old. He's from a single parent family, and his dad worked long hours just to support the family. One evening, when his dad returned home from work, little Calvin was at his tiny table by the window, doing a his colouring. Upon seeing his father, he happily jumped off his seat and greeted him in glee. During dinner, Calvin asked his daddy,"How much do you earn an hour, Daddy?" His father looked at him, and smiled wearily before answering, "$20."

After dinner, he washed the dishes with his father, and asked made a request, "Daddy, can I have $10 please?" Just then, his father had an outburst. "$10?! Why do you want $10? Is it for buying toys again? Don't you have enough toys already? Do you know how long I have to work to ear $10? And you just ask for $10 like that? Of course I'm not going to give it to you! Go to your room!"

Tears brimming at his eyes, his head drooped low and he apologised softly before returning into his room. About an hour passed, and Calvin's father felt a little guilty and went into his son's room to check up on him. "Calvin... I'm sorry 'bout just now. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that just now. You wanted $10? Well, here you go. Spend it wisely, ok?" Seeing the fresh note, Calvin got off his bed and went to his little desk and dug around in his little drawer. He pulled out a stack of old notes and some coins. Counting them slowly, he passed the money to his father, together with the $10 that his father had just given him.

"Here's $20, daddy. Can I buy an hour of time from you, please?"

Please be grateful if your parents are still around. No matter what they do, they still love you. Learn to appreciate them, before it's too late.
It's never to late to tell them the 3-words.

"I love you, mum and dad."

Monday, September 05, 2005

The Day (Some Of) My Classmates Came Over

Sean, Cass and Kitson came over to my place after lunch yesterday. I hope they didn't have too bad an impression of my house (or of me, as a host). They stayed for dinner, and as usual, my dad cracked a lame joke and nobody laughed (I mean, it was a lame joke afterall). It was nice having guests over after such a long period of "parents only" dinners; It was a good change.

Just got home from school. *phew*
Gotta go mug.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Day I Talk About The Yellow Ribbon Project

Woke up early this morning to go for the walk in support of the Yellow Ribbon Project. It was a wonderful experience, and I had a really good time bonding with my classmates (those who were actually present for that thing, that is). Other than the whole useless publicity for Jack Neo's new movie about ex-convicts (I mean, how many times can you use the same people from the J-Team for the Jack Neo movies. Jack Neo, if you're reading this, your movies are BORING...") and the scorching sunshine, it was a rather fun walk.

Today, I saw some anonymous tagger's tag on my tagboard again. Oddly, I'm not angry. I mean, seriously, if they wanna tag rubbish, I can't do anything about it. But it's just weird to know how people can relentlessly attempt to disturb someone as if they've got nothing better to do. Oh well, it's your life. Do what you want. *sigh*

Lets talk about the last few days:

Yesterday, a dead sparrow fell down from a tree and onto my head. It was DISGUSTING. In CAPS. I've never kena-ed birdshit before and now I kena a dead bird. Like major EEW. Oh well, I guess we all get weird stuff happening to us once or twice in our lives anyway. Ok, maybe or than once or twice.

The day before yesterday, I pretty much just slacked at home and did revision for the promos. Nothing much to talk about.

The day before the day before yesterday, I went bcak to Cat High and saw some teachers. It was ok, but I didn't get to see all the teachers that I'd wanted to meet, but I guess I'll meet up with them some other time. Then at night, we celebrated Dad's birthday at Sun and Moon, a lovely little posh Japanese restaurant at Wheelock Place, level Three. The food was WONDERFUL, DELICIOUS, HEAVENLY, (add in a nice-tasting adjective here)...

Ok, shall go off now to do more promo-revision. Ciao!

Quote of the Day: Criticisms help you grow; What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.