Friday, September 09, 2005

The Day I Share A Nice E-Mail

I dunno if any of you have seen this, but I'd like to share this anyway.
Those with nice parents, be really grateful.

Calvin's a 5-year-old. He's from a single parent family, and his dad worked long hours just to support the family. One evening, when his dad returned home from work, little Calvin was at his tiny table by the window, doing a his colouring. Upon seeing his father, he happily jumped off his seat and greeted him in glee. During dinner, Calvin asked his daddy,"How much do you earn an hour, Daddy?" His father looked at him, and smiled wearily before answering, "$20."

After dinner, he washed the dishes with his father, and asked made a request, "Daddy, can I have $10 please?" Just then, his father had an outburst. "$10?! Why do you want $10? Is it for buying toys again? Don't you have enough toys already? Do you know how long I have to work to ear $10? And you just ask for $10 like that? Of course I'm not going to give it to you! Go to your room!"

Tears brimming at his eyes, his head drooped low and he apologised softly before returning into his room. About an hour passed, and Calvin's father felt a little guilty and went into his son's room to check up on him. "Calvin... I'm sorry 'bout just now. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that just now. You wanted $10? Well, here you go. Spend it wisely, ok?" Seeing the fresh note, Calvin got off his bed and went to his little desk and dug around in his little drawer. He pulled out a stack of old notes and some coins. Counting them slowly, he passed the money to his father, together with the $10 that his father had just given him.

"Here's $20, daddy. Can I buy an hour of time from you, please?"

Please be grateful if your parents are still around. No matter what they do, they still love you. Learn to appreciate them, before it's too late.
It's never to late to tell them the 3-words.

"I love you, mum and dad."

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