Monday, January 31, 2005

The Day I Got A Friendship Band

Had school today but we didn't really go for lessons. Passed the score to Yun Zhen for her to practice cos probably will be doing the recording on Wednesday or Thursday (for her part). Just practically slacked our time away at the Thinking Cove after Econs lecture. Besides, that Yani bitch wacn't here today so we had an easier time. Everything between me and 'Drew has sorta cleared up so I'm very happy today.

After school, we went to J8 to get Andrew's CNY clothes together with him and a few of us. He got some expensive Nike T-Shirt (says he's a Nike fan. What a rip-off! Pity...). Got oursleves some nice friendship bands after that. I really like it! It's so so so nice! We were quite undecisive bout where to go for lunch. I said no to KFC cos it's really unhealthy and we ended going to Yoshinoya for the student's set meal thingy. Quite good and cheap.

Bumped into Inka and some of her snobbish RJC friends over there as well. Some of them kinda pissed my friends of a little bit cos they were really snotty and had a high-up-with-their-heads-in-the-air kinda attitude. Urgh...

Saw some gothic wallets (Nightmare before Christmas and Emily the Strange) and accesories that we considered buying for Gloria's birthday. Then me and Veron took the same bus home. Talked for a bit and we both got off at our stops. Upon getting home, I washed the window grilles and stuff. Damn tiring cos had to climb up and down.

I'm now playing Lee Hom's Forever Love taken from his latest Manderin album, 心中的日月. Enjoy...

Quote of the Day: Crushes can sometimes really crush you.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Day I Went To Funan (After So Many Years)

Woke up at around 7 to go to church. Still damn tired though cos I didn't really sleep well last night. After serving mass, I went to Great World Macs with Jerome and Zach for breakfast and met Isaac there as well. Joked around a little bit and went back to church.

At about noon, I went to the Esplanade Library with Dad and found several scores that I think would be useful. Dad borrowed some CD's and I signed up for the premium membership so that I could also borrow scores and Audio/Visual stuff. In the end, I got the DVD set of the first season of Buffy cos I never really watched the first season before (I was in primary school la...).

Then after that, we met mum at Marina Square and had lunch. My parents had minced-meat noodles. I had chicken rice. After we walked around a little bit more (and mum got herself some pretty nice CNY clothes), we went to Funan cos my mum wanted to buy a laptop. I had a high tide so I wen to the loo. That was where I saw this:

I practically laughed my head off la! Ok, I was thinking a little dirty la but hey, it's a toilet right? Haha!!! So anyways, we ended up wasting our whole afternoon there and didn't get the laptop cos of some reasons which I won't state here cos it'll be too long. After that, we went to United Square to collect mum's clothes and stuffthat she ordered. Had Ya Kun kaya roti and tea for dinner.

Just got home. Can finally hear the music on my blog! Yay! Well, I'd probably gonna go watch a bit of Buffy later and do some arrangement of scores for the recording. And message Mr Wang about the stuff.

Quote of the Day: Nobody wants to be lonely, but sometimes, lonliness is rather neccesary.

Friday, January 28, 2005

The Day I Stayed Over At JY's Place

Many things happened yesterday and today. Some funny and some angry. So here goes...


School went pretty fine. PE was pretty tough but we were seperated into boys and girls so I got to interact with Joel, Jit, Don etc. and made some new friends from 05B13. Lessons ended at around 12.45 and I ran around to find Mdm Siti to hand in the registration form for the sale thingy that's gonna happen on Valentine's Day. Sigh... I'm still single. Well, I'd probably go find myself a date when the day draws nearer. Hopefully somebody would want me haha... After school, we went to the shopping centre next to the Paya Lebar MRT station for lunch. Had prawn noodles and chatted with Jann, Joel, Charissa, Gabbie and Terence during lunch. Can't really click with Mark and gang yet. Maybe it'll take some time, like how I got to know Joel.

After lunch, Ming Shan, Gabbie, Alex, Shu Jian, Charissa, Terence, Wan Ying and I went to Veron's place. I was damn shagged so I napped on the couch in the clubhouse for awhile while they guys went off to play soccer with Veron's kid twin brothers. I joined them at the swings and we played for awhile when I woke up. Then after that, Shu Jian, Wan Ying, Veron and one of the twins (the other one had piano lessons) came to my place and we had dinner together with my dad.

Met up with JY at around 11 at Ang Mo Kio MRT cos he was tutoring me on AO maths that night. Bought minced-meat noodles at a store near his place before we proceeded to his home. Watched some new Charmed episodes before he taught me stuff. Was quite fun at his place la. After teaching me, he taught me how to recreate my blog and stuff. Slept at around 2 plus 3 am.


Today was Cam's birthday. Woke up at around 8 and went to have prata for breakfast with JY and my parents at the Upper Pierce prata shop. Very oily but very nice. Ate until I was damn full lor.. Haha... Then we went home to my place and watched some MTV's on LAUNCH and before we went out (we as in me and JY). He was meeting his friend at City Hall and I was meeting mine at Somerset so we parted ways at Bishan. Bought 3 of my X-Men titles at World Of JJ before I headed downtown and reached Somerset at aroun 12.15pm. Imagine my shock (and annoyance) when everybody only came at 1! And they told me to get there by 12.30... I felt damn cheated. The people who turned up were Cam (obviously), Hannah, Jenny, Ivan, Yvonne and later Wan Jin, Elisa and Anne. Anyway, we ate at OA Bakery (the all-for-$5 set meals) and went to Paragon to get Cam's birthday cake. Cookies and Cream from Angie The Choice. Yummm...

After we had the cake, we headed for the Heerens shops cos the birthday boy wanted to buy ear-sticks. That was where my whole day's worth of drama occured. Here is the full recap of what actually happened:

We went into the shop before the neo-print place (the place where you can get ear-piercings for $3.90. Kinda gothic and dark one.) So me and Cam went in and looked around for the ear-sticks. Then we saw the really gross ear-hole enlarging ear sticks and I mumbled to Cam about how gross it actually was to enlarge the piercing holes and he was like "ya lor...". Then I received an sms so I took out my phone to check the message. This was when the bald guy at the cashier went crazy.

Baldie: Get out if you want to use your phone! Can't you read the sign outside?! You blind is it?

Me: *stunned silence and walks out*

Cam: . . .

Me: Ay, Cam ah. Don't buy from this shop la. That guy is so rude.


Me: *looks around and finds no "handphones forbidden" sign and walks away*

Cam: *pays money*


Cam: *shocked and walks out*

I was fuckin' pissed but I hid my emotions. "Have high EQ," I told myself silently. What the hell right? Then I found out that that bastard bald-ass was actually wearing the "enlargers" I'd criticised after Cam came out, thats why he was so angry. He thought I was talking about him la!!! What the fuck lor. I mean, he shouldn't even be listening to other people's private conversations right? That's why now I'm telling everyone to boycott that shop by all means! BOYCOTT THEM! Aaaargh!!!!!!

So after that, I took about 15 mins to chill and Jenny was trying to calm me down. She was also sorta freaked out by the incident. This incident proved that fucking Ah Bengs should not be allowed to run businisses because they'll scare away all their customers with their fuckingly screwed up behaviour! Bloody hell...

After Heerens, I went for Novena at 6 and my Grandma's place for dinner. Reached home at about 9 plus just now. Even more shagged than yesterday cos I didn't get enough sleep last night. Probably going to the Esplanade tomorrow to find scores for Yun Zhen cos she's helping me at the recording next week as my pianist. Hopefully, I'd be able to get the scores. Sigh...

Quote of the Day: The door may be open, but it's up to you whether you wanna step through it.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Day I Got New Stuff

What a wonderful day I had. Got lotsa stuff today! Yippee!!! Well, here's a recap of my past 2 days:


School went pretty well yesterday, although quite alot of people ponned. My gang was still basically intact. Talked to Veron for abit cos I had some stuff I needed to tell her. Then I had this really big bitch-fight with Andrew cos he didn't wanna give me his gum and I didn't wanna say sorry for kicking his butt. It was really stupid and both of us got really mad. After all that melodrama, we all went to the bus-stop across the road. They said they wanted to go to Toa Payoh for lunch so I was like "ok lor, wadevaaa..."

Then, there was this Marist idiot called Charles from God-knows what class who really got on my nerves cos he was deliberately being stupid. I mean, which human in his right mind would run into the road, do a push-up and rush back to shelter just before a big blue truck almost runs him down? You tell me. As if being an idiot wasn't enough, he had to tease me about my shorts! So what? They are just fuckin' shorts? What an asshole! I got so pissed that I didn't wanna go with my gang to TP anymore. So when 158 came, I hopped on and went home. It definitely was not a good day. After I got home, I did some A Maths, washed the laundry, then played X-Men Legends on my PS2 for awhile. Finally unlocked Jubilee and Nightcrawler but Jubes's not really very useful. Nevermind.


I ponned schoool today! Haha! Actually, I did go to school, but only to pass some stuff to the people, then met up with Gloria at the bus-stop and we went to the Toa Payoh Starbucks for breakfast. We talked for about 2 hours, and she settled some stuff with me. Now I finally know why she likes me. And she finally knows why I like bad-boys. After that, we went to the TP library and stayed there for about 3 hours. Caught up with some of the lost issues of X-Men. OK, I admit, I'm an X-freak. Haha... I mean, everybody's gotta like something right? Me, i like X-Men. Final. Wheee...

After I got home (and saying bye bye to Gloria), I took a shower and went to Orchard to meet my mum. Had the Penang laksa at the Tangs underground food place. Very sour and not really very nice. Then I bought 2 sticks of Tori-Q (I was starving, didn't have lunch you see). Buy then, it was about 4.45 already. After meeting mum at her office, we drove to Queensway to get me clothes for the up-coming Lunar New Year. Got a pair of black jeans and 2 tops. Very very nice tops. After that, we met dad and went to IKEA for dinner. I had the Swedish meatballs and chicken wings. Delicious!

Following dinner, we got a couple of carpets (1 for my room, another 1 for somewhere else in the house) and a plastic chopping board, which I totally objected in getting. Plastic is just so unhygienic la, ya know. So now, I just got home. Probably sleeping early tonight. No nice shows on anyway.

Gotta haf "class" with Juyuan tomorrow at his place and I'd probably stay over. Sigh... And I still haven't gotten Cam's birthday present yet...

Quote of the Day: Life doesn't suck all the time; But most of the time, we still think it sucks.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Days I Forgot To Blog

Hello Bloggie. Havent' blogged for awhile. Anyways, here's a few updates on the past few days:

The Long Weekend

Didn't really do much cos I was down with a nasty flu on Friday, so I didn't go out with the guys at all. My grandma came over with Xavier and Shelia cos their parents went to KL for the weekend. The kids didn't really bother me cos they knew I was sick. Called Veron in the evening and we talked about some stuff. Before I knew it, we'd been talkin' for like an hour already. On my phone some more... My bill's gonna explode this month man...

The whole weekend was pretty slack, except for Sunday cos I went to catch Hotel Rwanda with Bryna, Andrew Dermawan and Faye. The show's damn damn damn good. Very thought provocative. It deserves more than five stars la... I'd give it a six! It was really nice to hang out with the bunch of them again. Bryna's grown prettier, and Faye's more laydee already. And Andrew Dermawan had an Extreme Makeover. What ghastly hair... Nevermind...

Yesterday & Today

Went to school as usual. Nothing much happened except I "broke up" with Andrew (not Dermawan) at Veron's place. Just foolin' around a little at the swings. Quite fun la. And I found out that he actually has a little teenie-weenie beer belly. Very very cute... Haha...!

School was damn boring today, so shan't talk about it. Just that I totally dig Ms Fong's (my Geog teacher) shoes. Damn unique. And very nice. And I had a great time watching our school's eye candy today. My eyes getting diabetes soon...

Quote of the Day: I can't find my tears...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Day The Gang Came Over

Our gang is in serious hormonal overdrive. There's a Alex-likes-Gabbie thing going on, so is there a Veronica-stuck-between-Edmund-liking-her-and-Andrew-liking-her thing, the is-Terence-with -Charissa thing, and of course, the Gloria-liking-me thing.

It's probably because we've been let out of our individual monastary schools only recently and had such close contact with the opposite sex, hence resulting in such unexplainable behaviour. It's either that or aliens are playing with us in our heads. I don't know. Thing is, I can't! I can't like anybody because I might fall for someone else and it'll be completely unfair to the other party!!! Besides, i treat everybody in our little clique only as friends.

Anyways, a few of the gang people came over today to my place, namely Veronica, Terence, Andrew, Gabriela and Soo Giap. Cos yesterday, we were at Andrew's place. Ok, Terence, Veronica, Gloria and me. We sorta just talked and listened to music in his room while both of us "gay" flirted around a little bit. It was really fun. Back to today.

In school today, I sang alot during our four-consecutive free periods because the guys demanded it, and halfway through, our Geog tutor came and joined the fold to "tekan" me. Made me sing when I'm coughing so badly, can you believe it?! But it was fun la cos I'm born to entertain hehe... So ego right? I'm getting bad influence from Terence haha! After school, they followed me to J8 and I bought the White Chicks DVD (for them to watch when they came to my place) and some CNY cards. Then we had luch at Food Junction bvefopre they came to my place.

I totally love that movie man. it's so funny and niceeee!!! The guys finally met my mum (and said she was very nice) before they left. Tomorrow's a public holiday. What fun. I am so looking forward to spring cleaning.


Quote of the Day: It's really hard to pick who to love.

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Day Gloria Confessed

My day sucked.

I feel like crap now. Gloria confessed that she liked me, and I told her I liked her as well. But the thing is, I only liked her, like, when I first knew her. Now, the feelings have just evaporated. But I guess I sent the wrong signal. So, I sent her an e-mail about how I really felt about the situation and she called me after she saw the mail. Well, I managed to settle the misunderstanding and we're back as normal friends. But now, I feel like crap.

Now I know how hard it is to tell someone you don't love him or her the way they do towards you. I shouldn't have let her on, like how I'd been led on before. I really hope she's ok with me. Aargh....

I still don't know what's so attractive about me. I'm not good looking, I'm not exactly nice, I'm not very talkative etc... Now I'm just even more confused.

Quote of the Day: Sometimes love can hit you in the face when you least expect it. It hurts.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Day I Slacked

Woke up at 8 plus then went online. Watched a few MTV's on LAUNCH and talked to HX a little bit. After that, we had Mee Siam and Ampong for breakfast before we went to the airport. On our way there, we heard some wierd news about this couple in Romania who met online and named their child Yahoo! after the search-engine webbie.

I pity the kid.

Anyways, after sending him off, me and Dad went to get lunch at the terminal 1 food court. nothing much, just vegetables, some fish and rice. Then got home, practised some maths and had a long, long nap. Dunno why I was so tired also. Woke up at around 5.30 and went to my grandma's place for dinner.

Played with cousins a little and then went to Fujiets house to get the Evangelion DVD's. After that, we played badminton at the court below his house for about half an hour then I walked home. EVA's like a damn sad show. Hai... Remind's me of my depression period last year. So so sad...

Quote of the Day: True friends are not hypocrites.

Monday, January 10, 2005

The Day I Went Out With My OG Mates

Today was like really fun cos our OG mates went out again. We had really boring Accounts and History class but overall we had a good day cos we got to see each other again.

Anyway, we went for lunch at the Serangoon S11 and I went home earlier cos HX just came back from Guangzhou and he needed to get some stuff from my place. Luckily for me, he helped me install my web-cam (finally!!!). So now I'm web-cam enabled! Whee!

So after he left my place, I went to meet the others at Veronica's place. It was drizzling a little but not too heavily so I wasn't too wet. Went straight into the gym and found Terence and Charissa there exchanging numbers. So cute la haha... Anyways, I started working out and several things happened during the duration of the exercise. 1, Charissa fell off the treadmill because Terence called her and she wheeled around. She grazed her knee, no big. 2, I realised that the bench press could be adjusted to my own liking. Then after about an hour, we left the gym altogether.

Since it was raining, we stayed at the lobby and chit-chatted for awhile. After joking around for awhile, we went out and took 73 to the Coffee Bean in Serangoon Gardens. I got myself a Pure Chocolate and we took the seats outside and continued to chat. Suddenly, our OGL Shu Jian came over and I brought Gloria to the Video EZ opposite the coffee-house to help her avoid Shu Jian. She has this huge crush on him you see, so she thinks that by avoiding him it'd prevent her from getting all horny and stuff. But I understand why la cos Shu Jian is quite cute.

After examining the shop, we saw a few potential birthday presents and went back to Coffee Bean. There, Gloria left for home and the rest of us went to Chomp-Chomp. We got some seats at a corner behind the whole place while Veronica and Andrew went to order food. The food came, we ate and talked a lot. I was made fun of, together with Shu Jian, cos they ordered drinks and I shared one with him and he had to use my straw. Urgh. Never mind. So we poked fun at one another, Gloria came back to join us (her parents weren't home so there was no dinner) and we just basically had fun the whole night.

Got home at about 9.30 and took a shower. Now my chest and arms really ache. But I'm on my way to fufilling one of my New Year Resolutions! Yay!

The following quote is a tribute to a friend who I have not seen for a long time and hopefully will meet again. If fate allows us to...

Quote of the Day: If fate is kind, she brings to those who love the sweet fufilment of their secret longing.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Day I Went For The YCS Tertiary Outing

Had a bloody freaky nightmare last night. It was like this:

Suddenly I was working in some wierd fast food restaurant (I've never even worked in one before!!!) serving burgers. And the oddest thing is that the restaurant was like part of my old house! Then out of the blue, I was in the midst of quarelling with both my parents and I sorta threatened to cut my wrists or something. After that, I woke up.

Scary right? But I don't understand that wierd dream.

Today, I went to the YCS tertiary outing. The fellas were playing pool before I joined them for dinner at Marina South. Had steamboat/barbeque buffet, sorta like Seoul gardens, but it's cheaper and outdoor. The dinner costs only $10 per head! But after eating a little bit, me and Baldwin were kinda grossed out by the food cos it was damn unhealthy and oily. After dinner, we went to the arcade but me, Boquan and Baldwin left first because we weren't feeling too well.
On the way home, we chatted bout lots of stuff, like our regrets for the past year etc.

It was really nice to talk to Baldwin again. How long was it since we had our last conversation? Forever... Boquan alighted at Dhoby Gaught while me and Bald alighted at Bishan. Bald had a tummy-ache so his Dad picked him up from the MRT station while I waited for my mum and Dad. There, I saw Mr Heng. We talked for awhile and I promised him that I'd go back to school next week to visit him and some of my teachers.

Lets all remember to pray for the victims of the Tsunami tomorrow k?

Quote of the Day: I'm not a mushroom so please do not feed me bullshit.

Friday, January 07, 2005

The Day I Went To Gloria's Place

Today was Nisa's birthday so I messaged her early in the morning before I reached school and apparently she was touched that I remembered her birthday. Haha... Mine is in another 27 days. I can finally sing that "Sound Of Music" song "I Am 16 Going On 17" without sounding like I'm faking it! Yay!

Anyways, we had like Econs, History, GP, Accounts and Lit today. I wanna change my subject combination to take Lit instead of Business Management cos it really sounds very interesting and besides, I didn't take Lit in secondary school. Veronica, apparently, has a secret admirer from OG1 by the name of Edmund. Dunno who he is though. So we went out again today after school (which ended like at 12.45), this time we went to Bishan. Haven't been to Bishan since school reopened so I went to JJ and splurged about $30 on Marvel again. Got New Avengers 2, X-Men 155, What If Aunt May Died Instead Of Uncle Ben?, Ultimate X-Men 64, X-Men/Fantastic Four 2 we and some from the $2 section.

Then we had lunch at Mos Burger and some Cat High people whizzed past and gave me funny looks. God knows why... After lunch, all of us went to Gloria's house somewhere in Bishan. There, we met her elder sis Victoria who was back from UK for a holiday (she studies there). Incidentally, the word Victoria means Victory in Latin (I think it's Latin. Not very sure.) and Gloria means glory; And victory comes before glory, just like Victoria came before Gloria. How uniquely named...

We watched this funny kung fu movie spoof called Kung Pow! and laughed our heads off. Oddly, Terence and Veronica could fall asleep at one point of the movie. It was a comedy for God's sake! Haha... Anyhow, all of us left at around 4.30pm and I took 105 with Terence. I think he's scared of me or something cos he doesn't look me in the eye when we talk. So sad... So I got home, did some housework and played GTA for awhile before mum came home with dinner.

I actually cried watching the Double Happiness reunion of Yaxi and Jiaqi. Dammit la. i'm still a bloody crybaby... Going for YCS outing tomorrow! Woo hoo! Damn tired now, so gonna sleep now...

Quote of the Day: Life is like a candle flame, vulnerable and fragile. So cherish your life because you only live once.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Day I Made Some More New Friends

Woke up at aboou 6.30 today and went to MI. Kinda didn't wanna go cos I was quite tired but I made it there nonetheless.

So, we gathered at the run-down gymnasium for morning assembly and they collected our subject option forms. Saw Nisa and Tasha again but we didn't sit together. Instead, I sat with a new clique, together with people like Alex, Gabbie, Gloria, Terence, Michelle, SG, Veronica, Hariz and Yun Zhen. We sorta clicked after meeting up and Gloria became really close to me. She's not the typical chio girl but she's really nice.

Anyway, we had some group games, some stupid dances (again) and chatted with my newfound friends. Terence looks really cute but he's quite effeminate. But who cares right? As long as he's nice and friendly and gets along with us. Tomorrow probably going out as a group. Not sure where or what we're doing yet but I'm sure we're gonna have fun!

Well, gonna share the lyrics of a song I'm listening to right now. Quite inspiring...

Raindrops Will Fall - Tamyra Gray
There’s a time for every star to shine
And a place for every dream to see the light
When you have everything hmmm
You don’t need another reason to be something (no)

Hold on and look to your pain
Don’t let nobody, nobody get in your way, no

I walked through the fire oh
Fought through the raging storm
Till I find the peace that’s inside of me
I’ve got to be strong
I set for my dreams; I was made for this moment
Take me as I am or nothing at all
I’ll keep holding on
Raindrops will fall

They’re falling down on me
But the sun is gonna shine oh

I was taught not to run away
Cos raindrops will always fall on your face
When it seems like all hope is gone
You gotta get through this storm
Before you can see the dawn

This is all I know and I won’t ever, ever let go
No I won’t let go


Raindrops will fall (They’re falling down on me)
But I know, I know, I know, I know
That the sun is gonna shine
Raindrops will fall
Oh I know that the sun is gonna shine
Quote of the Day: Raindrops will fall but the sun will shine again.

Monday, January 03, 2005

The Day I Go To MI

First day of school at MI. Quite ok.
Made some friends, but the closer ones are all girls, dunno why. Probably cos I connect better with girls. Anyways, we played some games, learned some dances, listened to a few talks. More or less survived the 1st day.

Not bad for a start.

Hope tomorrow will be better. Still waiting for my song to be written finish so I can get it recorded ASAP. Sigh...

Anyways, to all the people who either stumbled across my blog or came on purpose:
Happy New Year!

Quote of the Day: Don't be afraid to fall; Just remember to get up after falling down.