Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Day I Made Some More New Friends

Woke up at aboou 6.30 today and went to MI. Kinda didn't wanna go cos I was quite tired but I made it there nonetheless.

So, we gathered at the run-down gymnasium for morning assembly and they collected our subject option forms. Saw Nisa and Tasha again but we didn't sit together. Instead, I sat with a new clique, together with people like Alex, Gabbie, Gloria, Terence, Michelle, SG, Veronica, Hariz and Yun Zhen. We sorta clicked after meeting up and Gloria became really close to me. She's not the typical chio girl but she's really nice.

Anyway, we had some group games, some stupid dances (again) and chatted with my newfound friends. Terence looks really cute but he's quite effeminate. But who cares right? As long as he's nice and friendly and gets along with us. Tomorrow probably going out as a group. Not sure where or what we're doing yet but I'm sure we're gonna have fun!

Well, gonna share the lyrics of a song I'm listening to right now. Quite inspiring...

Raindrops Will Fall - Tamyra Gray
There’s a time for every star to shine
And a place for every dream to see the light
When you have everything hmmm
You don’t need another reason to be something (no)

Hold on and look to your pain
Don’t let nobody, nobody get in your way, no

I walked through the fire oh
Fought through the raging storm
Till I find the peace that’s inside of me
I’ve got to be strong
I set for my dreams; I was made for this moment
Take me as I am or nothing at all
I’ll keep holding on
Raindrops will fall

They’re falling down on me
But the sun is gonna shine oh

I was taught not to run away
Cos raindrops will always fall on your face
When it seems like all hope is gone
You gotta get through this storm
Before you can see the dawn

This is all I know and I won’t ever, ever let go
No I won’t let go


Raindrops will fall (They’re falling down on me)
But I know, I know, I know, I know
That the sun is gonna shine
Raindrops will fall
Oh I know that the sun is gonna shine
Quote of the Day: Raindrops will fall but the sun will shine again.

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