Monday, January 31, 2005

The Day I Got A Friendship Band

Had school today but we didn't really go for lessons. Passed the score to Yun Zhen for her to practice cos probably will be doing the recording on Wednesday or Thursday (for her part). Just practically slacked our time away at the Thinking Cove after Econs lecture. Besides, that Yani bitch wacn't here today so we had an easier time. Everything between me and 'Drew has sorta cleared up so I'm very happy today.

After school, we went to J8 to get Andrew's CNY clothes together with him and a few of us. He got some expensive Nike T-Shirt (says he's a Nike fan. What a rip-off! Pity...). Got oursleves some nice friendship bands after that. I really like it! It's so so so nice! We were quite undecisive bout where to go for lunch. I said no to KFC cos it's really unhealthy and we ended going to Yoshinoya for the student's set meal thingy. Quite good and cheap.

Bumped into Inka and some of her snobbish RJC friends over there as well. Some of them kinda pissed my friends of a little bit cos they were really snotty and had a high-up-with-their-heads-in-the-air kinda attitude. Urgh...

Saw some gothic wallets (Nightmare before Christmas and Emily the Strange) and accesories that we considered buying for Gloria's birthday. Then me and Veron took the same bus home. Talked for a bit and we both got off at our stops. Upon getting home, I washed the window grilles and stuff. Damn tiring cos had to climb up and down.

I'm now playing Lee Hom's Forever Love taken from his latest Manderin album, 心中的日月. Enjoy...

Quote of the Day: Crushes can sometimes really crush you.

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