Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Day I Got New Stuff

What a wonderful day I had. Got lotsa stuff today! Yippee!!! Well, here's a recap of my past 2 days:


School went pretty well yesterday, although quite alot of people ponned. My gang was still basically intact. Talked to Veron for abit cos I had some stuff I needed to tell her. Then I had this really big bitch-fight with Andrew cos he didn't wanna give me his gum and I didn't wanna say sorry for kicking his butt. It was really stupid and both of us got really mad. After all that melodrama, we all went to the bus-stop across the road. They said they wanted to go to Toa Payoh for lunch so I was like "ok lor, wadevaaa..."

Then, there was this Marist idiot called Charles from God-knows what class who really got on my nerves cos he was deliberately being stupid. I mean, which human in his right mind would run into the road, do a push-up and rush back to shelter just before a big blue truck almost runs him down? You tell me. As if being an idiot wasn't enough, he had to tease me about my shorts! So what? They are just fuckin' shorts? What an asshole! I got so pissed that I didn't wanna go with my gang to TP anymore. So when 158 came, I hopped on and went home. It definitely was not a good day. After I got home, I did some A Maths, washed the laundry, then played X-Men Legends on my PS2 for awhile. Finally unlocked Jubilee and Nightcrawler but Jubes's not really very useful. Nevermind.


I ponned schoool today! Haha! Actually, I did go to school, but only to pass some stuff to the people, then met up with Gloria at the bus-stop and we went to the Toa Payoh Starbucks for breakfast. We talked for about 2 hours, and she settled some stuff with me. Now I finally know why she likes me. And she finally knows why I like bad-boys. After that, we went to the TP library and stayed there for about 3 hours. Caught up with some of the lost issues of X-Men. OK, I admit, I'm an X-freak. Haha... I mean, everybody's gotta like something right? Me, i like X-Men. Final. Wheee...

After I got home (and saying bye bye to Gloria), I took a shower and went to Orchard to meet my mum. Had the Penang laksa at the Tangs underground food place. Very sour and not really very nice. Then I bought 2 sticks of Tori-Q (I was starving, didn't have lunch you see). Buy then, it was about 4.45 already. After meeting mum at her office, we drove to Queensway to get me clothes for the up-coming Lunar New Year. Got a pair of black jeans and 2 tops. Very very nice tops. After that, we met dad and went to IKEA for dinner. I had the Swedish meatballs and chicken wings. Delicious!

Following dinner, we got a couple of carpets (1 for my room, another 1 for somewhere else in the house) and a plastic chopping board, which I totally objected in getting. Plastic is just so unhygienic la, ya know. So now, I just got home. Probably sleeping early tonight. No nice shows on anyway.

Gotta haf "class" with Juyuan tomorrow at his place and I'd probably stay over. Sigh... And I still haven't gotten Cam's birthday present yet...

Quote of the Day: Life doesn't suck all the time; But most of the time, we still think it sucks.

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