Friday, January 28, 2005

The Day I Stayed Over At JY's Place

Many things happened yesterday and today. Some funny and some angry. So here goes...


School went pretty fine. PE was pretty tough but we were seperated into boys and girls so I got to interact with Joel, Jit, Don etc. and made some new friends from 05B13. Lessons ended at around 12.45 and I ran around to find Mdm Siti to hand in the registration form for the sale thingy that's gonna happen on Valentine's Day. Sigh... I'm still single. Well, I'd probably go find myself a date when the day draws nearer. Hopefully somebody would want me haha... After school, we went to the shopping centre next to the Paya Lebar MRT station for lunch. Had prawn noodles and chatted with Jann, Joel, Charissa, Gabbie and Terence during lunch. Can't really click with Mark and gang yet. Maybe it'll take some time, like how I got to know Joel.

After lunch, Ming Shan, Gabbie, Alex, Shu Jian, Charissa, Terence, Wan Ying and I went to Veron's place. I was damn shagged so I napped on the couch in the clubhouse for awhile while they guys went off to play soccer with Veron's kid twin brothers. I joined them at the swings and we played for awhile when I woke up. Then after that, Shu Jian, Wan Ying, Veron and one of the twins (the other one had piano lessons) came to my place and we had dinner together with my dad.

Met up with JY at around 11 at Ang Mo Kio MRT cos he was tutoring me on AO maths that night. Bought minced-meat noodles at a store near his place before we proceeded to his home. Watched some new Charmed episodes before he taught me stuff. Was quite fun at his place la. After teaching me, he taught me how to recreate my blog and stuff. Slept at around 2 plus 3 am.


Today was Cam's birthday. Woke up at around 8 and went to have prata for breakfast with JY and my parents at the Upper Pierce prata shop. Very oily but very nice. Ate until I was damn full lor.. Haha... Then we went home to my place and watched some MTV's on LAUNCH and before we went out (we as in me and JY). He was meeting his friend at City Hall and I was meeting mine at Somerset so we parted ways at Bishan. Bought 3 of my X-Men titles at World Of JJ before I headed downtown and reached Somerset at aroun 12.15pm. Imagine my shock (and annoyance) when everybody only came at 1! And they told me to get there by 12.30... I felt damn cheated. The people who turned up were Cam (obviously), Hannah, Jenny, Ivan, Yvonne and later Wan Jin, Elisa and Anne. Anyway, we ate at OA Bakery (the all-for-$5 set meals) and went to Paragon to get Cam's birthday cake. Cookies and Cream from Angie The Choice. Yummm...

After we had the cake, we headed for the Heerens shops cos the birthday boy wanted to buy ear-sticks. That was where my whole day's worth of drama occured. Here is the full recap of what actually happened:

We went into the shop before the neo-print place (the place where you can get ear-piercings for $3.90. Kinda gothic and dark one.) So me and Cam went in and looked around for the ear-sticks. Then we saw the really gross ear-hole enlarging ear sticks and I mumbled to Cam about how gross it actually was to enlarge the piercing holes and he was like "ya lor...". Then I received an sms so I took out my phone to check the message. This was when the bald guy at the cashier went crazy.

Baldie: Get out if you want to use your phone! Can't you read the sign outside?! You blind is it?

Me: *stunned silence and walks out*

Cam: . . .

Me: Ay, Cam ah. Don't buy from this shop la. That guy is so rude.


Me: *looks around and finds no "handphones forbidden" sign and walks away*

Cam: *pays money*


Cam: *shocked and walks out*

I was fuckin' pissed but I hid my emotions. "Have high EQ," I told myself silently. What the hell right? Then I found out that that bastard bald-ass was actually wearing the "enlargers" I'd criticised after Cam came out, thats why he was so angry. He thought I was talking about him la!!! What the fuck lor. I mean, he shouldn't even be listening to other people's private conversations right? That's why now I'm telling everyone to boycott that shop by all means! BOYCOTT THEM! Aaaargh!!!!!!

So after that, I took about 15 mins to chill and Jenny was trying to calm me down. She was also sorta freaked out by the incident. This incident proved that fucking Ah Bengs should not be allowed to run businisses because they'll scare away all their customers with their fuckingly screwed up behaviour! Bloody hell...

After Heerens, I went for Novena at 6 and my Grandma's place for dinner. Reached home at about 9 plus just now. Even more shagged than yesterday cos I didn't get enough sleep last night. Probably going to the Esplanade tomorrow to find scores for Yun Zhen cos she's helping me at the recording next week as my pianist. Hopefully, I'd be able to get the scores. Sigh...

Quote of the Day: The door may be open, but it's up to you whether you wanna step through it.

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