Friday, January 07, 2005

The Day I Went To Gloria's Place

Today was Nisa's birthday so I messaged her early in the morning before I reached school and apparently she was touched that I remembered her birthday. Haha... Mine is in another 27 days. I can finally sing that "Sound Of Music" song "I Am 16 Going On 17" without sounding like I'm faking it! Yay!

Anyways, we had like Econs, History, GP, Accounts and Lit today. I wanna change my subject combination to take Lit instead of Business Management cos it really sounds very interesting and besides, I didn't take Lit in secondary school. Veronica, apparently, has a secret admirer from OG1 by the name of Edmund. Dunno who he is though. So we went out again today after school (which ended like at 12.45), this time we went to Bishan. Haven't been to Bishan since school reopened so I went to JJ and splurged about $30 on Marvel again. Got New Avengers 2, X-Men 155, What If Aunt May Died Instead Of Uncle Ben?, Ultimate X-Men 64, X-Men/Fantastic Four 2 we and some from the $2 section.

Then we had lunch at Mos Burger and some Cat High people whizzed past and gave me funny looks. God knows why... After lunch, all of us went to Gloria's house somewhere in Bishan. There, we met her elder sis Victoria who was back from UK for a holiday (she studies there). Incidentally, the word Victoria means Victory in Latin (I think it's Latin. Not very sure.) and Gloria means glory; And victory comes before glory, just like Victoria came before Gloria. How uniquely named...

We watched this funny kung fu movie spoof called Kung Pow! and laughed our heads off. Oddly, Terence and Veronica could fall asleep at one point of the movie. It was a comedy for God's sake! Haha... Anyhow, all of us left at around 4.30pm and I took 105 with Terence. I think he's scared of me or something cos he doesn't look me in the eye when we talk. So sad... So I got home, did some housework and played GTA for awhile before mum came home with dinner.

I actually cried watching the Double Happiness reunion of Yaxi and Jiaqi. Dammit la. i'm still a bloody crybaby... Going for YCS outing tomorrow! Woo hoo! Damn tired now, so gonna sleep now...

Quote of the Day: Life is like a candle flame, vulnerable and fragile. So cherish your life because you only live once.

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