Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Day I Went For The YCS Tertiary Outing

Had a bloody freaky nightmare last night. It was like this:

Suddenly I was working in some wierd fast food restaurant (I've never even worked in one before!!!) serving burgers. And the oddest thing is that the restaurant was like part of my old house! Then out of the blue, I was in the midst of quarelling with both my parents and I sorta threatened to cut my wrists or something. After that, I woke up.

Scary right? But I don't understand that wierd dream.

Today, I went to the YCS tertiary outing. The fellas were playing pool before I joined them for dinner at Marina South. Had steamboat/barbeque buffet, sorta like Seoul gardens, but it's cheaper and outdoor. The dinner costs only $10 per head! But after eating a little bit, me and Baldwin were kinda grossed out by the food cos it was damn unhealthy and oily. After dinner, we went to the arcade but me, Boquan and Baldwin left first because we weren't feeling too well.
On the way home, we chatted bout lots of stuff, like our regrets for the past year etc.

It was really nice to talk to Baldwin again. How long was it since we had our last conversation? Forever... Boquan alighted at Dhoby Gaught while me and Bald alighted at Bishan. Bald had a tummy-ache so his Dad picked him up from the MRT station while I waited for my mum and Dad. There, I saw Mr Heng. We talked for awhile and I promised him that I'd go back to school next week to visit him and some of my teachers.

Lets all remember to pray for the victims of the Tsunami tomorrow k?

Quote of the Day: I'm not a mushroom so please do not feed me bullshit.

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