Friday, September 28, 2007

The Day I Talk About Live The Dream & Heroes

I'm gonna be on duty tomorrow. Sigh. Gotta book in tonight.

Anyways, I've decided that I'll talk about Singapore's latest Idol-esque rip-off reality tv show, Live The Dream. If anybody's even bothering to watch it, it's only because of the three eye-candies who host the show. Thay are namely the former MTVAsia VJ Utt, MediaCorp resident hottie/actress Michelle Chia, and Girl-Number-10 Andrea Fonseka whose claim to fame was from yet another reality show rip-off, Deal or No Deal.

That aside, the show sucks. I haven't exactly been a fervent follower of the show, but I did catch it a couple of days ago. It seriously lacks talent! So they claim that it's not an Idol rip-off cos of the incredulous age limit (participants have to be 25 and over) and the promise of varying genres. But look who's in the semifinals. For the solos: two bar-singers (Robert Sunga and Fendi), a Joakim Gomez-who-can't-dance-to-save-his-life (Victor Tang), and a wallflower (Shauna Simon). For the groups: four rock bands (After The Rain, Revalina, Catsinecradle and By Definition).

I'm all for entertainment, but the "entertainment" stops at the point when whatever's entertaining becomes annoying. By annoying I mean annoyingly bad. Take Victor Tang for example: He's a pretty ok looking guy, but when he opened his mouth, I thought the tv had switched itself to a live telecast of a grade school talent contest, and a bad one at that. Take a look/listen for yourself. No offense, Vic, but you should really consider other career options.

I'll probably not be watching this show anymore due to it's inherent lack of entertainment value (oh my ears! MY EARS!). But there's one show that I'll definitely be watching. And I'll keep watching. And watching. And watching...

Yes, Heroes is BAAAAACK!!!

I just caught episode one last night. It's so good! Basically, instead of following it's season 1 theme of "Ordinary people with extraordinary abilities", it's gone all "extraordinary people doing ordinary things".


We are taken back four months after the season 1 finale, where the Bennetts have relocated to California and became the Butlers, where Molly Walker has been adopted by (the newly-divorced) Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh, where Hiro is still stuck in feudal Japan and finds out that his hero, Takezo Kensei, is British. On the Petrelli front, Nathan has became an alcoholic after Peter's disappearance post-apocalyptic-BOOM-in-the-air. Unknown to him, Peter's actually alive but he suffers from amnesia. He is found by a bunch of thugs in Ireland, mysteriously chained on the inside of a cargo crate.

Three new Heroes are introduced: Maya and Alejandro Herrera, a pair of twins from Honduras on the run for accidental murder. Maya has some sort of uncontrollable viral power that kills people around her while Alejandro's powers act has her power's suppressant. They are trying to travel to New York to find Chandra Suresh for help, but they don't to know that he is already deceased. The third newbie is West, Claire's new classmate with the ability of flight. He will most probably be Claire's love interest this season, judging by their on-screen chemistry thus far.


Can't wait for more of Heroes!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Day I Talk About The Past Week

Life at the Medical Centre has been quite an eye opener. I always thought it was a really easy job, watching my seniors plod around in the air-conditioned building (24/7 air-con!), laughing and joking all the time. That all changed when I actually started working there myself.

Air-conditioning may seem nice when you're stuck under the hot sun, but it's not so when you're in it the whole day. I guess it's part of the eternal paradox about people not ever being satisfied with what they have. Nowadays, I basically wake up in an air-con room, work in an air-con room, eat, watch tv, even sleep in an air-con room. The dry air does get to you after awhile.

Aside from the air-conditioning, life has been pretty good thus far. I've learned a lot from my seniors (eg. working the computer system for all kinds of admin stuff, giving jabs, drawing blood etc etc etc...) and made a couple of new friends at the same time. But every night before I fall asleep, I always think about my mates who're in Brunei. I can't help it. I really really miss them. Sigh.

On Friday, we had our "cohesion day" where most of us from the Medical Centre went out together for a movie, Underdog. It's possibly the worst movie I've ever seen, akin to the horror that was Glitter and Son of the Mask. Basically, I think the Straits Times movie critic (I can't seem to remember her name off-hand) ought to be shot for giving it a passable review, because it definitely failed miserably in my opinion. It's unforgivable superhero clich├ęs and bad puns were obviously made for movie-goers with the intellectual capacities of empty fish tanks. Please please please do not watch it.

On a happier note, I met up with Emmanuel today (it's been too long)! Here's us doing The V (in honor of V-Beck) and other assortments of poses on our way home:

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I had a pretty nice long-weekend. Hopefully the following week will be just as good, if not better.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Day I Talk About My Recent Life Changing Events

As you guys might already know, I collapsed during one of my training sessions bout a month ago. That's when I realized that my body's breaking down. After the incident, I was sent for further check-up at the National Heart Centre.

The doctor diagnosed me with possible PVC (premature ventricular contractions) and made me go for a blood test. When the lab results came back, imagine my shock and surprise when I was told that I had hyperlipidemia (it's basically high cholesterol in doctor-speak).

Look at me (in a recent photo I took with Dad. Please excuse my horrendously huge forehead.):

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Do I look like I have high cholesterol?

I don't look it, right?

But I do.

The doctors could very well put me up as the poster child of this dangerous disease.

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If I ever end up endorsing something like that, I'd die crying.

Anyway, because of the possibility that I may collapse again and not be so lucky the second time around (like the 25-year-old, fit-as-a-tree Captain who collapsed and died of heart failure about 3 weeks ago during our Army Half Marathon), the doctor and my superiors feel that I shouldn't take part in any strenuous activities. And that's why I've just been posted out of my company and sent to serve in our medical centre instead. I start work there tomorrow when my fellow friends fly off to Brunei.

Sigh. I'll really miss them.

This also means that I am not going to be able to get the red beret anymore. After so many months of slogging through training, it is a rather disappointing prospect. Right now, I just want to focus on getting well and not die young. I've got so much more to live for.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Day I Talk About Rihanna

I used to hate her, but am now totally CRAZY about this woman.

Rihanna and I had a love-hate relationship because in many ways, we both share something in common: a huge forehead. I didn't like her in her Unfaithful days because she oh-so-blatantly displayed her montrosity of a head like this:

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Had her hairline been any higher,

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Princess RiRi of PocolocoLand. Grandma would've been so proud.


I mean, ok, we all have different perspectives when it comes to beauty, but when you've got a huge-ass forehead, it's definitely not beautiful. Thankfully, our dear little Princess RiRi finally saw the light (or her stylist, maybe), and decided to shelve that ten-thousand-head for good.

Compare Little Miss Unfaithful...
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...with Madame Umbrella...
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...and tell me, how did a monstrosity suddenly become an elegant lady? I'll tell you why. It has (almost) everything to do with the hair. When Princess RiRi decided to chop off her unglamorous locks, she boosted her career. Well, that and also when she stopped singing about being a cheating slut and started cooing about opening her arms and sharing her umbrellas (the "umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh eh..." really sticks in the head).

By the way, I can almost swear that she was thinking about her grandma when she was singing:

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"I don't want this 'do anymore..."
Grandma would've told her to shave her hair off.


Anyway, I'm totally crazy bout her now, especially after watching the music video of her latest single, Shut Up And Drive. She can shake that booty a'ight! (And shoot a seductive smile at the same time)

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Here's RiRi biting her glove. So HOT (with her forehead covered)...

On a side note, have you noticed that her latest hits are filled with repetitions? Eg. "Umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh eh, under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh eh..." and "Shut up and drive, ive, ive ive..." Maybe that's why they stick in the head somewhat annoyingly.

To end off, here's a collection of her from bad to hot:

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Miss TenThousandHead to Lady FiveThousandTead to total HOTNESS