Monday, March 27, 2006

The Day I Talk About Differences

A message I received in my e-mail not long ago. and I feel like I should share it here.

The Letter

To the future:

The most prominent issue in my life is homosexuality. I'm gay. Yeah, call me a fag, throw insults at me, I don't really care. The truth is, you don't understand. You don't know who I am, and you don't know what it means to me.

You can't tell me I made this decision, and you can't tell me that God hates me. I'm not listening to that anymore. I'm done with the guilt and I'm done with the questioning. Please. End your hatred and edn this suffering. Love is love, be it friendship, familial love, true love or puppy love. And love between humans is simply that - person to person. It has been said thatlove is blind, and it is blind to gender as well.

So open your minds and your hearts. End the hatred, the violence, thesuicide adn the misinformation. Do you realise that 30% of suicides among adolescents are by teens who are queer? This is deeply upsetting, nto to mention disproportionate, considering that onli 10% of the population is GLBT. Ignorance is not bliss, and hatred is not something to be admired.

Rejoice in our similarities and rejoice in our differences. Let no more tragedies take place. The Bible says "Love casteth out fear". DOn't be afraid of me.The Bible says "Love thy neighbour". I'm here, this is out planet;

Love Me.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Day I Talk About Post Exam Stress

My phone got stolen. My revision's not going as smoothly as I hoped it would have. My brain's freezing out. I'm in such a bad dilemma.

Kill me...

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Day I Talk About The Oscars

The Oscars were a tad disappointing if you ask me.
I dunno what's going on with the Academy, but they were too politically correct in their prize giving, if you ask me. Talk about predictability...

I'm really unhappy with the fact that Felicity Huffman didn't win the best actress award. I mean, it's amazing how convincing she was in Transamerica as a transvestite who finds out that she has a gay prostitute son. A woman who's acting as a man who went through a sex change to become a woman? This girl deserves some recignition... And in the end, they gave the award to Reese Witherspoon.

Apparently the Academy's still very conservative, despite the fact that there were very anti-conservative movies in the running for many awards this year (think Brokeback and Transamerica). The Best Picture Award went to the multi-racial, plot-intertwined Crash. Haven't seen that movie but I heard it's not as deserving as Brokeback Mountain (which I thought was a great movie. Made me cry...)

On the fashion front, one person stood out to me in particular.
This woman won the "Golden Guy" for Best Actress two years back as an ugly, cellulite-filled lesbian serial killer in Monster. And she's none other than... *drum roll please*

Image hosting by Photobucket
Charlize Theron

Shaun made a really funny comment about her outfit. We were both in the canteen watching Channel News Asia when they did a fashion coverage about the Red Carpet celebrities and we saw Miss In-the-gown-with-a-black-and-HUGE-Satin-Ribbon. It was so hilarious!

Shaun: If she felt tired during the Awards show, all she has to do is just tilt her head over and snore.

Haha... Oh yes, I thought Jessica Alba looked so HOT with her back-to-brunette hairstyle. Blonde is just so not her colour.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Jessica Alba (Brunette=Hot)

Image hosting by Photobucket
Jessica Alba (Blonde=Not-so-hot)

And that's it for my views on the Oscars of 2006...

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Day I Do A Recap Of The Past Week

Haven't updated in ages. Here goes...!

The TalentQuest '06 Semifinals went pretty well. I didn't exactly do my best for my solo (cos it wasn't my main priority) but hey, it was a good performance alright. Even though I didn't get into the finals, I think I performed pretty ok. The Duet was good too, but we didn't get into the Finals either. Guess BLUE and Lee Hom weren't good enough to save us. But I'm really still at a loss as to why we were beaten by the duo of psuedo-S.H.E. NUS undergrads. In my opinion, we were better than them. Oh well... At least everyone loved us. Heh.

Thanks to Wan Jin, ShiYun (and her boyfriend Ivan), Wan Teng, Tsung-Wei, Felicia, Jiahao, JunYi, Geok Khoon, Marcus' parents and my parents for coming down to lend us support. We really appreciated it. Also, special thanks to my dad for his help in arranging the Lee Hom song into a duet.

It was a really good day cos I got to see my buddy. It was also the day I came to the revalation than my best friend (in school), Shaun, has more friends of his own now (namely his ICS buddies) and that I shouldn't get too sensitive when he chooses to spend time with them instead of me. I'm totally possesive I tell you. And to think that me and Shaun are only, like, good friends. Can't imagine what I'd do when I get attached eh? *shivers*

Long day. 3 and a half hours worth of breaks. Had a nice gym session with Meifeng. Nothing much to shout about.

Two words: Long day.
School was ok until the release of the 'A' Level results. NYJC did horribly. Well, at least the Arts faculty was pretty horrible. There were so many people crying... And Shaun said something really funny (and slightly stupid):

Shaun: Maybe they're crying tears of joy?
Me: If you were crying tears of joy, would you retreat into some secluded corner to bawl? *cue roll-eyes*

Anyways, I was really glad because *surprise-surprise* Shaun actually passed his Tamil (with a measely C6, yes, but it's still a pass nonetheless)! And Marcus got a B4 for his CLO! So happy for them...

Then I had dance. Had the crazy stretching session again and I almost died cos I accidentally snapped my lower back. Not in two, of course, but I sprained it. Above that, I still had to carry Rachel and it was so agonising throughout. Imagine this routine: carry the girl, fall onto the floor, stretch, kick, stretch, roll, stretch, bend your back, stretch etc etc... Dance was just strenous and taxing on my body. I am so not made for dancing...

Then later in the evening, right after dance, I went straight for Econs tuition. It was pretty insightful and I made a few new friends as well. Then I headed home and completed my Geog tutorial before turning in at 2am. *sigh*

Talk about a long day. *sighs deeply*

I love squash! PE was great cos we played squash and I'm getting better at it every lesson. It's one of the rare sports that I can actually play well. Most of the time, I just sit in the sidelines, envying all the skillful sportsmen and sportswomen because i suck at most sports. Anyway, school was like any other day, complete with the daily dosage of vitamin st-r-3SS and a jab filled with b1tCHy-t3Ach3Rs.

Had Econs again at night.

School was fine, with the coincidental pep-talk by all the subject teachers about the need of doing well so as to get into our desired courses in Uni. I tell you, anymore of such pep talks and I'll go mad. It's really irritating to have teachers breathing down your neck and at the same time give you added pressure about your results, as if we're not stressed enough already. Urgh...

Went out with Tammi for lunch at Plaza Singapura. It was a great bonding session. We saw Ms Ong (my PE teacher) on our train ride to Dhoby Ghaut and I'm sure she had the wrong idea bout the both of us. Sucks for me, I guess.

In the evening, I helped Jevon out at The Cathedral of The Good Shepherd for the Stations of the Cross. It's been like 2 months since I last saw him (he went to Thailand for a month for some NS training) and he's not changed one bit. Curious and curiouser. Hmmm...

Didn't see my eye-candy at all this whole week... *sigh*

Wow. Long post. Shall go to bed now... Guten Nacht! :)