Friday, September 28, 2007

The Day I Talk About Live The Dream & Heroes

I'm gonna be on duty tomorrow. Sigh. Gotta book in tonight.

Anyways, I've decided that I'll talk about Singapore's latest Idol-esque rip-off reality tv show, Live The Dream. If anybody's even bothering to watch it, it's only because of the three eye-candies who host the show. Thay are namely the former MTVAsia VJ Utt, MediaCorp resident hottie/actress Michelle Chia, and Girl-Number-10 Andrea Fonseka whose claim to fame was from yet another reality show rip-off, Deal or No Deal.

That aside, the show sucks. I haven't exactly been a fervent follower of the show, but I did catch it a couple of days ago. It seriously lacks talent! So they claim that it's not an Idol rip-off cos of the incredulous age limit (participants have to be 25 and over) and the promise of varying genres. But look who's in the semifinals. For the solos: two bar-singers (Robert Sunga and Fendi), a Joakim Gomez-who-can't-dance-to-save-his-life (Victor Tang), and a wallflower (Shauna Simon). For the groups: four rock bands (After The Rain, Revalina, Catsinecradle and By Definition).

I'm all for entertainment, but the "entertainment" stops at the point when whatever's entertaining becomes annoying. By annoying I mean annoyingly bad. Take Victor Tang for example: He's a pretty ok looking guy, but when he opened his mouth, I thought the tv had switched itself to a live telecast of a grade school talent contest, and a bad one at that. Take a look/listen for yourself. No offense, Vic, but you should really consider other career options.

I'll probably not be watching this show anymore due to it's inherent lack of entertainment value (oh my ears! MY EARS!). But there's one show that I'll definitely be watching. And I'll keep watching. And watching. And watching...

Yes, Heroes is BAAAAACK!!!

I just caught episode one last night. It's so good! Basically, instead of following it's season 1 theme of "Ordinary people with extraordinary abilities", it's gone all "extraordinary people doing ordinary things".


We are taken back four months after the season 1 finale, where the Bennetts have relocated to California and became the Butlers, where Molly Walker has been adopted by (the newly-divorced) Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh, where Hiro is still stuck in feudal Japan and finds out that his hero, Takezo Kensei, is British. On the Petrelli front, Nathan has became an alcoholic after Peter's disappearance post-apocalyptic-BOOM-in-the-air. Unknown to him, Peter's actually alive but he suffers from amnesia. He is found by a bunch of thugs in Ireland, mysteriously chained on the inside of a cargo crate.

Three new Heroes are introduced: Maya and Alejandro Herrera, a pair of twins from Honduras on the run for accidental murder. Maya has some sort of uncontrollable viral power that kills people around her while Alejandro's powers act has her power's suppressant. They are trying to travel to New York to find Chandra Suresh for help, but they don't to know that he is already deceased. The third newbie is West, Claire's new classmate with the ability of flight. He will most probably be Claire's love interest this season, judging by their on-screen chemistry thus far.


Can't wait for more of Heroes!

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