Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Day I Went Grocery Shopping And Talk About Coinicidences

I had dinner at my grandparent's place just now. Before leaving, my aunt passed me a couple of canned tuna that my dad bought but forgot to bring home in a plastic bag. Since I needed to grab some necessities for my daily usage (and consumption) in camp, I headed off to the Cold Storage opposite the condo at Heartland Mall to pick up some granola bars and fresh milk.

Then, I joined the really long, hypothetical express queue (hypothetical because the big, bold "express" is a HUGE oxymoron) with my few items in hand. Before I knew it, I was one customer away from the cashier lady who looked like she kill me with her gaze (she was shooting daggers at all the customers. I guess it kinda works out to long queues=more customers=pain in the butt. Oops, I'm digressing) .

Cashier: "You need a bag?"

Customer-in-front-of-me: "Er, ya."

Cashier: "Sir, do you have 10 cents? It's Wednesday. You have to pay for your plastic bags."

Customer-in-front-of-me: *drops coins into the coin box*

I'd totally forgotten that it was "Bring Your Own Bags" Day today! To make things worse, I had no cash on me and only intended to make my payment by NETS. JUST THEN, I remembered the two cans of tuna hanging idly off my wrist in an NTUC plastic bag.


When it got to my turn, I just told the lady to dump the items into my bag while consciously avoiding her stare. Y'know, I really hate it when strangers look at you with the odd killer gaze. It sends shivers down my spine. Brrrr....

Anyway, I got out alive.

Must keep a mental note when going shopping on Wednesdays... Must must must...

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