Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Day The Gang Came Over

Our gang is in serious hormonal overdrive. There's a Alex-likes-Gabbie thing going on, so is there a Veronica-stuck-between-Edmund-liking-her-and-Andrew-liking-her thing, the is-Terence-with -Charissa thing, and of course, the Gloria-liking-me thing.

It's probably because we've been let out of our individual monastary schools only recently and had such close contact with the opposite sex, hence resulting in such unexplainable behaviour. It's either that or aliens are playing with us in our heads. I don't know. Thing is, I can't! I can't like anybody because I might fall for someone else and it'll be completely unfair to the other party!!! Besides, i treat everybody in our little clique only as friends.

Anyways, a few of the gang people came over today to my place, namely Veronica, Terence, Andrew, Gabriela and Soo Giap. Cos yesterday, we were at Andrew's place. Ok, Terence, Veronica, Gloria and me. We sorta just talked and listened to music in his room while both of us "gay" flirted around a little bit. It was really fun. Back to today.

In school today, I sang alot during our four-consecutive free periods because the guys demanded it, and halfway through, our Geog tutor came and joined the fold to "tekan" me. Made me sing when I'm coughing so badly, can you believe it?! But it was fun la cos I'm born to entertain hehe... So ego right? I'm getting bad influence from Terence haha! After school, they followed me to J8 and I bought the White Chicks DVD (for them to watch when they came to my place) and some CNY cards. Then we had luch at Food Junction bvefopre they came to my place.

I totally love that movie man. it's so funny and niceeee!!! The guys finally met my mum (and said she was very nice) before they left. Tomorrow's a public holiday. What fun. I am so looking forward to spring cleaning.


Quote of the Day: It's really hard to pick who to love.

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