Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Day I Talk About Performing

Whoo... Long time since I last posted.

Had 3 performances within these 2 weeks. One was last week at Ang Mo Kio, another 2 this weekend outside Plaza Singapura.

Gig on Sept 10th (Saturday)
The one last week was ok, but it wasn't that cool cos there was some weird local chinese singer called Genie (God, I've never even heard about her...) who thinks she's some famous superstar. Oh well, to each her own. Shan't criticize now...

Gig on Sept 17th (Saturday)
The gig yesterday went well. I made quite alot of friends that are usually out of my league (hip-hop dancers, mostly malay, to be exact) It was a long wait. Was there at 3 and waited till bout 4:30 before rehearsals officially started for me. It was the first performance for me that I actually had backup dancers... Waaay cool! The dancers (both guys and the girls) were really nice, so were the rappers and the poetry slam guy with the turban.

Jiapei was there pretty early with 2 of her friends. After my rehearsal, Meifeng and Tammi accompanied me to get some decent looking hip-hop clothes. But seriously, you can't take a nerd out of a nerd. But I looked cool anyways. Hehe... *grins* So anyways, I had my first "remixed" performance with the dancers during the opening at 6, and my 2 songs at 9 plus.

Thanks to everyone who came down for the show, esp to Jiapei and gang, Mervy (for the bread. You saved my life), Tammi and Meifeng (for shopping with me. I know I seriously lack dress sense.) Raina, Tina and Xuehui who stayed on for my last performance, and FeeFee and Joel... And many thanks to Saleh, Robin, Young, Sulaiman, Ice (Missy MISSY!) and the lot of dancers for your cheers and support! You guys rock too!

PS: I have one more performance tonight at 9 as well.

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