Monday, February 14, 2005

The Day We Sold Valentine's Day Stuff

I stayed up till about 2am last night (or is it supposed to be this morning?) to wrap the stupid Valentine's Day sale sweets. Good grief... Woke up at about 6 today cos I had to get to school to finish some more preperation for the Valentine's Day. Ended up reaching school at 6.55am. Urgh.

So the whole thing started. I went around soliciting business for my sweets, drinks and cupcakes. But after awhile, I was just so tired that I'd needed a break. So I sat down and continued to solicit. I'm good.

So after some very long hours of selling the stuff (and choking myself on the incense smoke along the way), I decided to rid my leftover stock by doing a sale in the staff room. I mean, I already covered my costs and stuff, so the sale was for making extra profit out of the leftovers. Made about $18 in the staff room. Total revenue was $140++ and total profit was $46.50. Not bad la...

After school, me and Andrew followed Veron for her Valentine's Day date at Serangoon Garden's. Well, it wasn't much of a date la cos of the fact that Andrew and I were there (but she wasn't comfy with Edmund alone la, so we tagged along), but we had a pretty cheap and good lunch at Borsche Steakhouse.

After lunch, I got home, showered, surfed the web a little and went out for my YCS meeting. Ongaku Matsuri (meaning Music Festival in Japanese) happening in Cat High Auditoium this Saturday. Finally a change of location; For the past 3 years since it's conception in 2002, it has been held at St Nicks. Hopefully the competitors for the Talentime segment of the show would be better this year. And also hopefully, I can get to judge the Talentime. I think it's about time I stopped performimg and start judging cos I think people'd get sick of me la. I mean, I have been performing for the past 3 years. Gee...

Hope I'll have a good V-Day dinner tomorrow...

Quote of the Day: Love finds you in the most unexpected ways.

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