Friday, October 14, 2005

The Day I Went For Jerome's Art Exhibition

The NYJC Open House was today.
It was a major bore...

Shaun dropped by for awhile after school and we had lunch together at the KFC at J8. Deep fried lunch. YUM! Gonna have a breakout soon... Urk.

After that, had maths tuition till bout 6.30, then I went to NJC for Jerome's art exhibition. It was so inspiring. Here's his main art-piece (a damn cool one if you ask me). It's in 3 parts:

Image hosted by
Part I

Image hosted by
Part II

Image hosted by
Part III

After all that, went for dinner with his parents and sis at Corpthorne Hotel.
It was soooo filling I tell you. Fish and Chips (yes, yet another fried item. I'm going to DIE!!!)

Then I got home and received an ominous message.
I think I shall go reply now.

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