Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Day I Sorta Finished OP Prep

The day was good. Even though Ms Tang did make my group add some stuff to our slides, it didn't spoil my day. At least it wasn't a complete overhaul. Anyway, went to the school gym with Samatha and trained my top, kicked ball for a little while before coming home. Boy, does going to the gym feel good. Y'know, it gives you a sorta orgasmic high. I guess it's the adrenaline rush.

The Yet Un-Named Story, Chapter 4

She slunk into her tight tank top and hastily pulled up her jean shorts. The guy lay there in bed, presumably asleep, naked and covered in his dried semen. Men, she thought. They fuck you and they fall asleep. And they blame us woman when we walk away. After browsing herself in the mirror to make sure that her re-applied make-up was ok, she grabbed the wallet by the dresser and picked out a bunch of fifties. After which, she slung her handbag under her armpits and strode out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

She flicked out her mobile and saw 21 missed calls. Shit. I'm fucking late. The money was good and occasionally, the sex was good as well. But this time, she really screwed up. She checked her watch.


Her boyfriend must be fuming. Their date was scheduled at 2.30. She stood there, deliberating for a moment, and finally clicked on the "dial" button.


"You see, I was waiting there for my girlfriend. We were supposed to meet at 2.30. It's 5.40 now and she still hasn't answered my calls." Blake said, showing Tessa a photograph in his wallet and sighed deeply.

That's sad, Tessa thought. If I ever have a boyfriend and if he ever does this to me, he's so screwed. Trying to lessen the tension, she said, "Erm, maybe she's lost her phone?" He frowned, looking at her in the eyes, "Ok, erm, I dunno. Have you tried calling her house?"

"Yes. No answer. There's hardly anybody at her home anyway."

Tessa remembered the girl in the photograph that he'd just shown her. Curious curious. That is one strange girl So why is she attached to this guy? I mean, he seems nice enough. And he's sure cute enough to get any girl he wants. Of all people why that one? Ok, so she's hot. But so what? Hmmmm. He's still not telling.

Just then, a phone rang. Tessa fumbled for an instant and dug deep into her pockets, eventually fishing out a dripping, moist candy-bar phone. It was soiled and spoilt. Damn, it's so not my day.

"Sorry Tess, it's my phone." Blake smiled apologetically and Tessa's heart melted instantly.

"Hello? Oh. It's you."

There was a moment of silence. Then Blake shot up from his seat.

"Just shut up, alright? I don't need to hear any of this. I've had enough of your excuses! Don't ever call me again. Ever."

Tessa's eyes widened in shock. O-ok... He's scary. Blake sat down, his face scarlet. "Sorry. Didn't mean to have that outburst. Did I scare you?" Tessa was still speechless, and only managed a faint "No". The tension was killing her; She wanted to go home.

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