Friday, October 21, 2005

The Day I Start A Story

Ok, from today onwards, I'll be blogging about my day and at the same time, I'll be writing a continuous story. For those disturbed by my previous post, well, sorry. I did warn y'all, didn't I? Sorry anyways.

So here's how my day went (for those not interested, skip the blue part and proceed to the black):

School was a terrible bore. Didn't do much, just got there and handed up the WR, both the hard and soft copy. After that, my group and I went to the library to finish off the remaining episodes of the CSI DVD that I borrowed.

I'm officially a CSI fan!!!

Loves it!

So anyway, after that, I went down for lunch at the canteen and ended up eating with Ning and Shirleen. Had a wonderful time.

Got to Geog, then Econs, and went to the canteen again for a short tea-break before Math. There, I saw Sam and the whole bunch of Mediacorp people having their lunch break.

Sam got me an apple juice (which is not considered a favour returned, if y'know what I mean. I want a real meal, Sam. A BIG treat.) Eugene said hi and I was introduced to Ezann by Sam. I must say, she's really cute in person.

Here's a pic of some crazy classmates of mine with Ezann [centre] (she's not that famous yet, but I think she will be. Cos she's soooo pretty...):
Image hosted by

After math, Mei Feng and I got downtown to meet up with some of my other classmates for lunch at Cine. It was soooo bad. No more Galilee for me. Period.

Had a wonderful afternoon/evening, other than the fact that Shaun incessantly bugged me to share a cab home with him. I stood my ground. Sorry, buddy.

Dinner was fine. Yup, end of my not-so-interesting day.

The Yet Un-Named Story, Chapter 1

There was always something to do at home. Something. But today, it seemed like there wasn't much to do at all. Tessa was in her artificially scented room, lying on her artificially-looking four-post bed. There ain't nothing here, she thought. Willing her lethargy away, she got up to her feet and stood in front of her large mirror. It was an antique from grendma's mother's mother, of father's father. She didn't remember, neither did she care.

Her raven eyes scanned her own reflection.

Her hair was slightly messy. Think Medusa, minus the snake-heads. Ok, maybe not so messy. They were hard to tame anyway, so her dream of having a little blonde streak was, well, still just a dream. She didn't have her foundation on, and her skin's unsightly, pale tinge was showing. The black tank top was slightly discoloured and it needed a bit of sewing. The only thing that she was satisfied with was her jeans; At least they were nicely ripped and bleached.

Very quickly, she took of her top and replaced it with a fresh, black cotton v-neck, slapped on some foundation, stepped into her black leather boots and whizzed out through the door. She was out for some window shopping, and maybe something more.

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