Monday, October 17, 2005

The Day I Talk About The Rain

My results came out today.

Absolutely horrifying. D-O-O (If you get what I mean)
But I'm getting promoted (I think).

I hope.

Don't wanna talk about it la.

Oh well... The rain's washing away my pain... Sometimes, I really hate the rain, but other times, it's really enjoyable just to sit down and watch it fall.

And fall...

The countless and intense splashes on the ground.
The puddles it forms when the water collects.
The sweet-smelling, cold rain-breeze.
The dark, solemn, broody sky.

It's always nice to have rain at this time of the year;
It's the monsoon season.

When the rain stops falling,
as the dark clouds dissipate,
the sky turns bright again.


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