Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Day I Talk About Doing It

(Below is a description of a really explicit sexual fantasy.
Those who feel strongly against written-sex may stop reading now.)

The kisses were strong and forceful, but sweet.
She smelled strongly of Chanel.
My favourite.

My arms were around her, pulling her close towards my body.
My heart, thumping quickly, heavily in my chest.

Blood was rushing to my face.
I felt her moist tongue in my mouth.

Running my hands up her spine, I unhooked her.
It fell to the ground, all the pink and white.
Her hand reached for my boxers.
They came off.

On the bed, we fondled.
"Are you ready?"

I entered.
She shuddered.
It was strangely comfortable.
She moaned softly into my ear.

It felt heavenly.
Groans and moans.

Bright lights!
I pulled her close.
We kissed again.

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