Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Day I Talk About Purity

(For those who want to skip the nitty-gritty details of my life, skip this part and read the blue section.)

Ok, a quick fill-in on what happened yesterday.
After the Lit paper, went out to Orchard with several classmates of mine and ate like a pig. Had curry chicken, an apple juice, the deep-fried mars bar... Well, enough about food. Anyway, it was Kia Puay's bithday but the party was postponed to Saturday. But she gave us some Spongebob cone party-hat anyway.

Then I went home, changed and met Veron and gang at her place and watched a lil' bit of White Chicks before heading out to Chomp Chomp for dinner. After we reached our supposed dinner-place, we realised that we weren't gonna get seats cos it was packed.P-A-C-K-E-D. In caps.

So we went to the food centre instead. Had a really good time! Sadly Goria wasn't there. Oh well... Gaby wasn't feeling well so after dinner, it was only left with Veron, Terence, Joel, Guyson and me. So then we played a little bit of tennis till about 11, then I wnt home.

That was my day yesterday.

(Ok, for those who skipped the "My Diary" part, start here.)

So Dad was talking about some Buddhism purity thingy during dinner-time just now, and I found it reallly interesting so I decided to put it up on my blog.

A loose translation of it would be "The 6 Roots of Human Purity". It's sorta like "to be pure from head to toe, so that you can be a good person" thing. Although I'm Catholic, I'm open to the teachings all good religions. Ok, back to the "Purity" part.

The 6 roots are namely: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue and heart. You get influenced to do stuff by sight, sounds, smells, speech, tastes and thoughts. Y'know, the bad stuff.

So anyways, to be pure, you gotta really learn to discern the good and the bad stuff that influences you everyday. That's what I wanna say today. ;)

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