Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Day I Continue My Story

Shan't talk about my day yesterday cos nothing much happened, other than doing the OP and going for acupuncture.

The Yet Un-Named Story, Chapter 3

He entered her, sending shockwaves of pleasure running through her spine. Blood flowed through her entire body like fire on accelerant, burning her from within, heating her and making her warm. The raindrops hit the window, making it's presence known by a faint pitter patter. She moaned softly as he pounded against her, gasping in short breaths of ecstacy. He leaned in close, kissing her lightly on the lips. She closed her eyes. The guy wasn't much of a looker, but he was sure good in bed.

The pounding began to get more intense, and she could feel her body cry out in screams of exhileration. Her moaning became louder, and his breaths, faster. With a loud exclamation, she felt him climaxing inside her. Inhaling deeply, he sat his head on her breast and closed his eyes in satisfaction.

It's over, she lay there thinking. Now, where's the money?

Tessa had dried herself up from the towel Blake handed to her. They were at a corner of the Orchard MRT station, sheltered from the rain.
"Thanks," she said, handing him the towel. He smiled, "We need to get you something warm to drink." Tessa felt like she was constantly walking in puddles. Her boots were soaked. Good lord, I'm gonna get a fuckin' yeast infection on my foot, she thought. The stranger, Blake, seemed like a nice enough guy. It was her lucky day. After settling down at the Coffee Bean nearby, she bought herself a hot Cafe Latte while he got a Cappuccino.
"So," he started, "What brings you here?"
"Well, it's nothing much, really."
He just sat there looking at her, smiling.
"Ok. See, I wanted to come downtown for a little bit of shopping, but I sorta got caught in the rain. In a bad way."He gave a half-smile, "Oh. Heh. I see."
"So what brings you here?"
Blake paused for a moment and took a sip from his cup.
"I was waiting for someone, but I guess I was dropped."
"Never mind." He looked around, eyes seeming distant. He's hiding something, Tessa thought curiously, Not like it's any of my business.
Sensing that he was uncomfortable with the topic, she asked another question. " So, erm, care to tell me more about yourself?" Blake snapped back from his momentarily lapse into dream-zone and said, "Oh, it's a long story."
"We've got time. It's still pouring outside innit? Ha ha." Her curiousity was overpowering; She wanted to know more about this stranger.

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