Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Day We Celebrated Christmas

Christmas Day.
Finally. The time of the year has come and gone. How quickly a day passes right? You wait so long for it and before you know it, it's already Boxing Day. Served the 9.15 mass this morning with Jerome, Timmy, Zach, Zach Lin and Desmond Lin. Quite fun. At least we didn't cock up haha... Well, then after mass, went to McDonald's with my parents, Jerome's parents, Claudia and an auntie from church. But no Jerome, cos he went to serve the 10.30 mass. Got stuffed with an extra set of Hotcakes after I finished my Big Breakfast cos mum bought extra. Urgh.

We went to Aunt Veronica's place for a Christmas party. Food again, but I didn't eat. Jerome and family also went so we were like talkin all the way until the party ended. Sigh... I have a sad, lonely life man, compared to him. Never mind... So we got home and I played The Sims 2 again. It's a damn cool game man! Watched a little bit of the Golden Horse Awards on Channel 8 and I'm so so so happy Tony Yang won the Best Newcomer Award (together with that fat girl that I dunno). He really played the part of a love-seeking gay guy in Formula 17 really well. Have I told you how nice that show really is? Haha...

Had family dinner at a really classy Teochew restaurant in Chinatown with my mum's side's relatives. Fujiet got me "The Book Of Insults" for Christmas. Very good for reference. Hee... After dinner, we went for KTV at the CC near my house. Damn cheap lor; $30 for 2 hours per room. K-Box is like $26+++ per head for 3 hours tonight. Rip-off...

Just got home. Gotta sleep early tonight cos tomorrow's gotta be a really fun day. Going to Sentosa with Johnny at noon. So if anybody wants to tag along, feel free to message me yeah. *Yawn*

Quote of the Day: There are no stupid people; The only stupid ones are the lazy ones.

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