Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Day I Got My Pay

More people have perished in the Tsunami attack in the affected countries. Another earthquake measuring about 5 on the richter scale devastated Indonesia again early in the morning. Very sad...

Got my pay today from mum. $250 only but it's ok as long as it's money. Haha... Deposited the cash into my account and found out my POSB card cannot withdraw money.

Anyway, I went out with WL today. Met him at J8 with his mini friend Massie (nick-named "turtle". God knows why...). Massie went off after awhile to watch a movie with her own bunch of friends while me and WL went to the J8 DBS branch to find out what was wrong with my card. At the branch, we were told to go to the POSB branch at Bishan Blk 508 to verify our problem and hopefully, get a replacement card.

So I took WL along stupidly on a bus to the POSB ATM's behind my old school only to find out there were only machines there. Man, I was embaressed. After that, we went back to the J8 area and found that POSB. I took a ticket for the ATM card application queue and got the number 70. I thought, ok it's gonna be fast cos the number at that time was 68. But I was wrong. In the end, we waited for about half an hour before it was my turn. I caught up with WL during our long wait cos it was like half a year ago that I last met him. Quite nice talkin to him actually. We really have alot in common...

Eons later, and now when the sun rises from the west and pigs rule the world, it was my turn. Ok, I'm exaggerating. Anyway, I got the new blue ATM card as a replacement and WL suggested that we go for lunch. I said ok so we went to Ajisen. We got 2 different meals and shared. My junior, who was there, thought we were a couple! (-_-") . . . But WL's really nice la so I won't mind us being a couple actually haha...

During lunch, we met one of the most eccentric persons I'd have ever met in my life who happened to be WL's friend, called Yew Seng. Without proper introduction and invitation, he just sat down at our table and destroyed my date with WL. WL looked pretty disturbed by him cos he had been avoiding the wierdo (he told me about him on our whole journey looking for the right POSB place. Talk about meeting the person you dread meeting the most.) After we left Ajisen, that wierdo tagged along throughout our whole trip at J8. What a parasite.

I left J8 at 5.30 and hugged WL goodbye before I went home to change. Then at around 7 I went to the Jumbo restaurant at the Serengoon Garden Country Club for Auntie Grace's belated birthday dinner. Had lots of fun. There was plenty of food (I'm gonna gain a kilo again. Aargh.), karaoke (sponsored by the lovely me) and joy. We all left at 11.

Quote of the Day: Love is not possession.

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