Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Day I Returned From The 3 Day Camp

Sentosa's fun. The camp's not. Not that fun anyways. Anyway, we stayed over at Rasa Sentosa (beside the Siloso Beach). Shall give a short recap of what happened each day:

Day 1, Monday, 27th December, 2004

Met at church at 1, reached the hotel at 2, waited for check in so the whole lot of us went to play captain's ball by the beach. Not many hot chicks or hot guys around at that time. Checked in at about 3 plus and I shared a room together with Timmy (no, we didn't do anything of that sort. There were 2 beds la. Haha...). After that, we changed into our swim-wear and we went to the beach. The kids made sand-castles, the older guys went for beach soccer, and I went solo and swam to one of the opposite islands. Bumped into a hot chick on the way hehe but didn't get her number. Sigh... So I got my tan, pickled my d**k (almost, thanks to the salt water) and went back towards the group. Only when I reached back there then I realised the guys were dead worried about me and were frantically searching around for me cos they thought I'd drowned. I was like, "Oh puh-leese la. Me? Drown?!" Ok, it was bloody embarassing. But I apologised 'kay...

Isaac's parents sent dinner over, boxed rice with 2 servings of vegetables and 1 serving of meat. Some of the kids nearly died cos they were apparently carnivores only but I won't go there. Went for the last show at the musical fountain after dinner. The show was ok, with the exception of the stupid-like-hell emcee, the storyline, the irritating songs. Ok, the effects were the only cool things. And the fire. Fire at a fountain, can you believe it? Haha... Took the monorail back to the hotel, went back to our rooms and I slept even before light's out. I was going schitzo already so I needed moi beauty sleep.

Day 2, Tuesday, 28th December, 2004

The wake-up call was supposed to be at 6, but it came at 7. But I woke up at 6 anyways. Luckily Tim didn't snore or I'd have killed myself. Anyway, we had prata for breakfast and after breakfast, there were some games at the lobby because it was drizzling and we seniors didn't want the kids to fall sick. After the rain subsided, we played a mix of touch rugby and dog&bone at the beach. Didn't swim at the beach cos it was high-tide. So we went to swim at the pool instead. Played around in the water and taught Timmy and Chris how to do the Butterfly, but they still can't get it. Chris is to muscular and Chris has too little muscle-power.

Quite ironic.

Well it took me a month last time to get the stroke right, so I can't expect them to get it so quickly right? Haha... So we went for dinner at the ferry terminal food court cos Jardine's mum brought food and played night games at the old ferry arrival/departure area. There, Shawn, Selig and I found 2 kittens (which we nick-named Mary-Kate and Ashley cos they were females) and we brought the two kits back to my room after the games. Fed them some water and cookies and Timmy kept them in the cupboard with some newspapers. Then he watched The Bourne Identity on HBO while I went to sleep.


Woke up at 7 today. Wake up call was at 7.30. Breakfast was peanut butter and bread. After breakfast, the few of us went for a swim at the pool again cos the tide was even higher than the day before. Then I left halfway to play with Mary-Kate and Ashley at the beach. Mary-Kate was more playful and aggressive than Ashley, so if we were to leave them both in the wild, I think only Mary-Kate would survive.

We checked out at 12 and went back to church. I left church at around 1.30 and took the free shuttle to Orchard. Bought Astonishing X-Men 7 and EXiles 56, 57 at Alarics in Cineleisure, then went to Burger King for luch. Saw Johnny there with 2 of his friends and said hi. After lunch, I took a train to Toa Payoh and transferred to bus 73 and got home. Nothing much happened tonight so I shall end my entry here.

Quote of the Day: Don't say "I Love You" if you don't mean it.

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