Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Day I Talk ABout The Daily Things I Go Through

Today was a rather good day.

Woke up at 7 (actually, my parents dragged me out of bed at 7) and got to church just a few minutes before 8. Went for mass and met up with my beloved Godpa Sam after that. After hooking up with the hunk, we went to Paradiz Centre (he drove) and I finally saw his bread shop. Well, it's not much of a shop. More like a corner of the Paradiz Centre food court. Anyway, that shop's called PapaRoti. He sorta like sells those kind of coffee buns with butter fillings. Very delicious when hot; A must try. Sam gave me a free bun (duh, no way I'd pay. He's supposed to take care of me. Haha...) and man was it gooood. Then he had to make more buns together with his employees. I took off to Plaza Singapura and bought myself JoJo's album JoJo and The Very Best of Christmas Favourites double disk CD.

At bout 12, he sent me back to church as he also had choir practise at that time. On our way back, I listened to his musical compilation and I found out that he's actually very talented in song-writing. He's also almost finished the song he's writing for me. So touching. Hee...

Went to my Grandpa's place for lunch and I saw my cousin Eva who had just returned from Sydney. It's been 3 years since I last saw her! She's still as beautiful as ever. Heard she went for a job interview for a stewardess position at SIA just yesterday. Wish her luck! 'Nyways, took my half-senile Grandma out (my Grandpa has trouble walking, so he usually doesn't get to go out. Poor thing.) to the Esplanade with my mum and dad. Mum went to shop at Orchard and dad stayed at the Esplanade Library with his mum. I met WJ there together with her cousin there and we went out. Sadly, just as we left the Library, her cousin had to go off so it was like "Bye bye. See ya later".

We walked to Raffles City and window shopped. Saw the Disney thingy going on. Sigh. I miss my childhood days when my parents would bring me to these shows and I'd really enjoy myself. Well, we then went to the toys section and we saw the Jack-Jack life-size doll that I'd so badly wanted. Sadly, it was at a hefty price of $59.90. Not worth it. Will buy it when the price drops.

Her Aunt came to pick us up and dropped us off at her place. Never been there before. Her room's so big and nice and cosy! And she has this really stupid cat called "Meow-Meow". Very, very stupid. I borrowed the Mean Girls DVD and A Shark's Tale DVD from her. Took NEL to my other Granny's place for dinner and watched the Star Awards. Shan't bore with the details.

J finally replied my sms. Hope I'll sleep well tonight. *yawn*

Quote of the Day: Remember that whenever one door closes, another one will open.

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