Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Day I Went Out The Whole Day When Mum Was Sick

Sunday, December 19 2004

Went to church early in the morning and had Christmas practise until about 3. Got down to Bugis to meet YB and Debbo. Then we went to Absolute Comics to get some comics (he got his back issues of Ultimate Spiderman cos he had just gotten back from China and I got my New X-Men: Academy X and Uncanny X-Men ). Then we went down to the Heerens' HMV.

We spent about an hour there where YB got his Drumline DVD, Maksim's Variations CD for his mum and a very expensive Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King Special Extended Edition DVD (priced at S$79.95) for his friend's Christmas present. After that, we walked around Heerens and saw Mambo on SALE. Yeah right. Their stuff, even after discount, is still very pricey.

Anyways, we left the Heerens and decided to go to Scott's Picnic Foodcourt for dinner. Debbo had beef noodles, YB had dumpling noodles and I had ban mian. After dinner, we squeezed through the big crowd at Orchard because some New Creation Church had a very big activity in the middle of the road and alot of people were gathered along the whole stretch of road. Took a taxi home and said bye bye to Debbo and YB. Then Jerome and Claudia came over and we played PS2. I let them try Kingdom Hearts and GTA: San Andreas.

At about 12, Claudia went home and Jerome decided to stay over. So we continued our massacre in San Andreas till 3, when I couldn't take it anymore and fell asleep.

Quote of the Day: Anyone who touches you can hurt you or heal you

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