Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Day I Get Pissed Off

Fuck the people who hate me. None of you who hate me have any fuckin' RIGHT to spread stuff about me. You people don't know me, so NONE of you have ANY right to judge ME. So WHAT if I am not the kinda macho guy most guys are? SO WHAT? Must I fuckin' bear with your insults, stares, GOSSIP? Year after year? FUCK YOU! Have you people ever thought of how I feel?!!!!!

Call me self-centred now, will ya? Call me names now, huh? Well, so what if I'm being self-centred now? I am BLOODY SICK of your lies, your bullshit, your MUTHAFUCKIN' EGOS! So what if I did win at the award? So what? I won it fairly? You think it's nice to hear peolple bad-mouthing you when you work so hard to win something? Well, I don't think you know how that feels, now do you? THAT'S cos you ugly, petty, foul and revolting bastards haven't experienced it before! So the next time you feel like criticising somebody, why don't you put yourselves in their shoes for a change, huh?

I give up so much for the good of the school, I try my best to live up to my expectations. You think it's easy? DO YOU? Yes, I do get reprimanded by teachers sometimes but at least they appreciate what I'm doing. Ok, so I'm the bad guy in school, that's why I don't blame you people from hating me. But the lies that I read and hear about my personal life, which includes my family, I cannot take lying down. Attack me verbally, write hate stuff on your blogs about me, spread tales about me, even physically challenge me, I don't really care. I mean, for 4 FUCKED UP years I've lived with that, so I'm more or less numb to it. But NEVER EVER INSULT MY FAMILY! They have NEVER, EVER done anything to you sonofabitches so DON'T you people DARE to talk about them!


Phew. I feel much better now. Sorry bout that. I just wanted to channel my anger towards my "hate club". Just got a little ticked off. Man. It's good to vent out frustrations. I don't expect them to even read this but I feel really good after I've let it all out. Sorry if my words have offended anyone who unfortunately came across this entry.

Quote of the Day: Don't give up on love.

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