Friday, December 17, 2004

The Day I Met Alot Of Familiar People

Aaah... What a day. I finally get to go out and had a little bit of fun!

A recap of my day:
Slept till 7 plus and did the usual. Went to work (typing, filing and added printing to my list of work today) and left at 6. Went to Takashimaya to return my dad's borrowed cd's and on my way through Wisma Atria, I bumped into Timmy. He followed me to the book/cd drop. Then I followed him to look for this brand called Roxy because he'd wanted to buy a wallet for this girl (I dunno who) and it had to be from that brand. So, we walked around Taka, then went to Heerens. We saw the Singapore Idol Top 30 finalist Dwayne performing with a guitarist on the Heerens centre stage. His CD's coming out next week. Finally after much walking, we found the place where they sold the wallet. So he paid the $32 for the black furry thing and we went off searching for our next meal. Ok, maybe searching's not the word. It was more like figuring out where we go for dinner.

So, we went to Paragon and to our dismay, found yet another Roxy shop selling the wallet with the similar designs but with a wider selection of colours. Curses. After that, we went to window shop at Versace and saw Joanne Peh outside the shop. She was so friendly! Anyway, we decided unanimously to go to Taka for dinner. At the basement food-court, we met Joel (who was buying the wierd Japanese fried noodles for his dinner) and he followed us to Macs where I bought a Grilled Chicken Foldover set (for me) and McChicken set (for Tim). Before we sat down and had our dinner at the stairs, someone called out my name and I saw that it was Joshua (and Juliano)! Then they waved and walked on. After a dinner (and some talking), Tim bought some Gelato for dessert (Dark Chocolate and Strawberry). Mmmm... Delicious.

We went back to HMV after dinner and saw some nice CD's. Fantasia's debut album is $1 cheaper than Diana's (Fantasia $17.95, Diana $18.95). Wonder what that means. I found out that Joel likes old rock and the new rock music like Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Now I know what I could get him for Christmas. Meanwhile, Timmy kept himting that he'd love either Britney Spears' (aka The Ex-Self-Professed-Virgin) My Prerogative or Kylie Minogue's Greatest Hits for Christmas. After about half-an-hour there, Joel left and I went to Timmy's house for awhile before Dad picked me up.

Quote of the Day: Be positive and you'll stay happy.

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